Thursday, April 19, 2007

A seminar on social skills

Sick and tired of drinking only coffee, packing my room up, eating the few remaining remnants of groceries (meals of hummus and crackers, interspersed by red pepper, spinach and egg sandwiches, and the occasional dried fig), my take-home "critical issues in journalism" final exam, and studying for my history final, I needed to leave the house last night. So I met up with Canice and we headed down College street to attend the official launch of the Ryerson Review of Journalism. While we were there, Carla mentioned to us that there was a party at the eyeopener office. The purpose? To drink up all the remaining alcohol that had accumulated throughout the year. So, of course we went.
But Canice kept her raging alcohol problem in check, for once.
Fun fact: at eyeopener parties, no one talks to each other. They just talk on their phones. That way they can retain the ultimate alluring trait that all journalists have in common: social awkwardness.

Does it count as a missed connection if you know everyone in the room?

Anyways, at some point in the night, the kama sutra came out. Carla studied it intensely while Jesse talked on the phone, of course.

Jesse probably should have been paying closer attention. Then Josh spilled my beer, but of course, being the gentleman he is, offered to clean it up--with his shirt.

[photo removed]

Just in case the pictures in the kama sutra book weren't clear enough, Robyn and Josh were more than happy to demonstrate all the moves for us. I'm not sure what this one is called, so let's play another round of mad libs, following the classic formula for naming sex moves: "The [animal name] [verb or random noun]." (For example, The Platypus embrace. Okay, now you try!)

[photo removed]

My favourite things about these pictures is how absolutely no one is paying attention to the lesson. They're just nonchalantly going on about their business, with expressions on their faces like, "What, you've never been in a newsroom before?"

Except for Karon. He was carefully taking notes.

Now, it's back to work. The weather outside if beautiful. I suspect it will be a full-filled day of procrastination punctuated by some cramming.