Friday, April 20, 2007

Midnight study break

"Oh, how lonely and weary I am from studying," said Edna. "I just can't focus. My mind is elsewhere. If only there was a real man around this house to help put out the fire between my loins."

Mortimer immediatly sensed the need for a manly man. "I sense the need for a manly man," he said. Mortimer readied himself for action, and invited Edna down the hall under the pretext of a "study break dance party."

"Oh my!" giggled Edna. "I never realized you had such sweet dances moves! Tee hee hee!" she said, fluttering her eyelashes and flushing.

"That's not all I've got that's sweet," Mortimer said in the most manly of manly ways.

"Oh. . .really?" said Edna, shyly, clasping her hands at her lap.

"Nope," grunted Mortimer. "I've got a lot more to offer."

"Like what?" asked Edna, who had to put on her sunglasses, because the hotness radiating off Mortimer was too much.

Mortimer didn't say a word. The connection between himself and Edna was too intense to need words. Instead, he turned around to show off his other sweet assets.*

And then. . . Jessica failed her 8 a.m. history final that she still hasn't crammed for yet, because she's been too busy writing her critical issues final exam. But at least she has a sweet ass.


*Hahaha. ASSets? Get it? Hahaha! Oh.... Okay. I'll just be quiet, then.

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  1. pffft
    youre funny and retarded. i quit cigarillos by the way