Sunday, April 15, 2007

The China Dolls Era

On Friday, I came home after work to crunch out one final essay about how globalization affects equal rights from a Marxist feminist prespective. Compelling stuff, right? It was also the last research essay of my lengthy undergraduate career.

It seems like with every passing moment, there's a last to be had. Thursday was my last class of third year. This is the last Sunday that I'll ever sit in this room, recapping the weekend. And Friday was the last normal Friday night in China, before we begin to dismantle and pack up the home that we've lived in for the past 2 years.

On Friday, Karen was looking for excitement. She kept telling me she wanted something exciting to happen.

Which is when I glanced up to the top of the cupboard, and spied the checker board.

Sasha bought this checker board when we first moved into the house. For her, it probably held the promise of drinking games and party nights to come. She looked really excited when she brought it home--and I don't think we have ever used it. Friday was the night to change that.

I know my life seems perma exciting and fun when you just read the blog, but in reality this is what it usually looks like.

Jared used intense tactic in plotting his moves. In fact, we all did. Maybe that's why the game wasn't as fun as anticipated. Or maybe it was the fact that we filled the shot glasses with cider and wine instead of with hard liquor.

Karen still seemed to find it exciting, though.

And Brie got new shoes for her birthday.

There's a dull ache behind all these last moments.


  1. Anonymous7:28 PM

    Well, that essay could be interesting -- or more precisely the fact that you're writing on the subject is. For instance, is that your perspective or was it more of an exercise in writing from different perspectives?

  2. Today I wrote five Marxist feminist mini-essays for a class about globalisation. Yeahhhh!