Friday, April 13, 2007

before we hit the ground running

Due to the atrocious social networking system that is facebook, I inadvertedly was named the official "hot blogger" of the magazine stream. Oweing up to my responsibilities, I brought my camera along for our last day of class.

Adam and Rebecca signing the giant cards to our profs, because according to Carla, "Everyone loves a giant card!"

Mimi, Adam and Nina.

Ivor took us out to the Mutual Street Deli for brunch. . .

. . .where I had another exceptionally nutrious and healthy meal.

Chloe and Carla.

Jen looking exceptionally cute, however, this photo was marred by my camera which is now officially dying. The front cover is popping off, the lens doesn't always retract when I turn it off, and now there's lines through my pictures.

I was going to wait until my birthday next month to get a new camera, but I think it would just be cruel punishment to try and use my current one for much longer. (Ah, in 10 short days I'll be in Alberta, land free of PST!) Also, I was kind of crushing on the guy sitting behind Jen. (Ah, in 10 short days I'll be in Alberta, land of a surplus of heterosexual males. . .oh yeah--and Alex Dodd.)

Yay! This is better!

Chloe gave one of her infamous arm-waving speeches.

Which Cynthia and Ivor, of course, thoroughly enjoyed.

Back in the classroom, Jasmyn was waiting. Her band, Hot Monogamy, was in this week's Now.

Yes, Jasmyn is clearly a broad-with-a-beer.

"And read this part!" she told me, incredulously.

"Did you actually spit beer?" I asked her. It was the obvious question.

"Well, yah, but. . ." Haha; Jasmyn is a broad-with-a-beer.

Afterwards, I walked through Kerr Hall. For some reason, the phrase "Model Holding Room" invokes hilarious visual images in my mind.

And just because, here's a gratuitous picture of some blurry model bums at Mass Exodus tonight.

I'm done school for year. All that's left is one final exam, a take-home exam and an essay.

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  1. Fun Friday [the 13th] Facts:
    "Asses are blurry! Enjoy!"