Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Adventures at Wal-Mart

Friday night was the last big Toronto hurrah before I went home to Alberta for the summer.

We headed down to the Opera House to see Soulwax/2 Many DJs.

But, as Jessex aptly stated, it ended up being "Too Many DJs" and no Soulwax.

We were not impressed.

It was the last time Alice and I would get to hug and rock at a concert venue. A sad moment, indeed.

I left early, and took myself home, since I had a whole day of packing ahead of me.

I spent 7 hours packing on Saturday, which was only punctuated by an unsatisfying veggie burger and onion rings at Mick E. Fynn's in the late afternoon sun. Sunday was the big move, and I admired Brie's and Mark's strength as they lifted my eight bajillion boxes of books down both flights of our stairs.

And early Monday morning, it was time to go home. Two years ago, when I flew home from Alberta, I was bumped from my flight. To this day, my mother is sure that I'm lying when I said I made it to the airport two hours early to check in for my flight. Because of this, I always take a picture of the time that I leave for the airport in the morning, to prove that if I get bumped from a flight, it's definitely not my fault.

And then. . .

I was home.

A blinky-eyed Alex Dodd picked me up from the airport and drove me home to Cold Lake.

But we stopped at all the tourist hot-spots on the way home; in Glendon to see the giant perogy, and in Vilna to check out the giant mushrooms. This sign in Vilna was my favourite, though. "Where are we? Did we just go back in time?" Alex asked me.

I've been trying to keep myself occupied since I got home.

But Wal-Mart is pretty much the only thing around here to do for excitement. Last night I went there to buy coat-hangers. It was a pretty wild night!

Home. Where am I? Did I just go back in time?


  1. fuck i miss alberta.

  2. all the girls in summerside go to walmart every day for something to do.

  3. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I want to go to the giant perogie...