Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Premonitionatory Fact

I'm having a vision. . . I see fields in my future. Big empty fields. Oh, and there's hay bales and what's that. . . a sprawling metropolis the size of New York in land mass, but with a non-ironic flannel wearing mentality?

I see a steel bird, hurtling through the air. . . wait, there's more coming to me. . . the spirits are channeling me with an important message! There are numbers. There's a 4. . . and a 32. No wait. It's a 23. What can it mean?

Well, it would mean that I'm flying into Edmonton on Monday, April 23rd. Which is 3 weeks from now.

I'm going home to everything Cold Lake has to offer to. Today my mom wrote me an e-mail:

"The snow is melting like crazy and we have a malfunctioning sump pump. And theres lots more snow to go. At the beginning of the month the snow was up over the birdbath* so you couldn't tell what it was and now its down to just below the bowl. The pile at the front door doesn't look like it moved. I will probably have to shovel it at some point."

Ah. All the glamour north of the 54 parallel has to offer--inevitable snow in May.

I can't wait to go home. No, correction.

I can't wait to be home.

*Just for reference the birdbath comes up to my hip.


  1. Melissa- Pot calling the kettle back.

    I can't think of a more appropriate situation in which to use that phrase.