Tuesday, March 06, 2007

In Like a Lion

I've been a bad blogger lately--whining a lot, being completely narcissitic, and forgetting to put up pictures of my hot friends. I'm here to redeem myself for my bad behaviour. Because in between being sick, work, and school, I've been up to some of the usual shenanigans:

Like for instance, two weeks ago I went to London to stay with Court. There, I discovered the reason I really need to start working out again--my breasts don't fit into clothes anymore.

I also met Ryan, who works at Salt Lounge. Court and I had the benefit of going in there on a Monday night to watch a terrible band that belonged in 2001 and was comprised completely of guys from West 49.

Ryan decided that Court and I would be his entertainment to stave off the Monday night boredom.

By the end of the night, I was had decided that the band would be remarkably better if the lead singer pretender to be a veloca raptor while singing.

Ryan really like my dinosaur impressions. (Oh, and just for the record, these photos were taken on an entirely seperate night.)

Last week was the only event that could possibly lead to me putting a photo like this on my blog--Chloe's pin-up girl themed birthday party. Happy Birthday Chloe!

A bunch of the j-school girls came out to play: Rebecca, Chloe, Ashley, the other Albertan Jess, and Kaydi.

Rebecca, Ashley, and Kaydi.

Carla was there too. We did a pretty good job representing. The party was made up of staff from various restaurants that Chloe has been employed at, most notably Hooters, and the journalism kids. Surprisingly enough, the Hooters girls didn't jump at the chance to dress up like pin-up girls. Instead, it was us newsie, nerdy types who pulled out all the stops.

Chloe made a birthday speech thanking her aunt and her aunt's friend for doing an amazing job catering the event.

"And I'd like to thank. . ."

". . .the j-school girls." Yup, we deserve it.

Carla the cradle-robber and I. Carla likes to lurk on this blog and very occasionally comment, so we like her around here. (Hi Carla! I'm glad you're finally on the blog as opposed to just lurking.)

Chloe going in for the kill.

I'm not too sure what's going on here, but it seems to represent the night well.

You wouldn't know it to look at her, but Rebecca's angry. Luckily, I'm on her "not-angry" list.

Ashley, the other Jess, Chloe and Barbara.

Chloe and Kaydie.

The birthday girl and I.

After all the comments I got on the blog last week, I pulled out the red dress. It seemed pin-up girl appropriate. Rebecca's hand agreed. (This is probably why I'm on the "not angry" list.)

Things got a little rowdy.

That tends to happen when you put a bunch of girls together who haven't been to an all-girl birthday party since sixth grade. It wasn't half bad.

But no party's complete without some Dance Dance Revolution. . .

. . .and Ashley passing out.


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    hahaha that is so funny that Ryan is on your blog. He was one of my managers at Boathouse when I worked there! Small world.

  2. Anonymous4:15 AM

    It's an inspiration that you laugh in the face of sickness.

    Also, on behalf of all random creepy men, that's a great idea for a party.

  3. you're pretty effin awesome, jlockhart, yo. inky-pen will be up soon. so glad you could make it. POST PARTY SOON, yo!

  4. There is an inordinate amount of breast in this post, even by your standards.

    Good Work.

  5. I sure hope Spring breaks in your neck of the woods sometime soon. Y'all look like you haven't seen the sun since October!

  6. If that first picture isn't for me, then... well... it is now.