Monday, March 05, 2007

The deal is done

Fuck you perma-sealegs! You can’t bully me anymore! I will take you down! I will conquer you! You think you and your mysterious dizziness can win? I’m done making deals with the devil in hopes that you’ll go away. Because you see, I’ve got a big weekend ahead of me. I’ve got a date with Canadian Music Week and one breakdancing competition. This is the end!

This is war!

I’ve got all the forces working against you:

-a daily multi-vitamin
-6-8 glasses of water daily
-an antihistamine
-a loyal group of roommates, friends, family and one dedicated boyfriend who are willing to listen to me incessantly complain about the symptoms you are inflicting upon me
-two trained massage therapists
-blood tests in the laboratory
-a special little prescription pill that reduces your symptoms
-a cranial sancral therapist.

And finally, my own special secret weapon: hope. It’s all about the positive visualization.

You’re going down.

For the record, I'd never throw a punch with my thumbs like that. Mainly because I'd never throw a punch.


  1. Good luck and down with dizziness!

  2. You've basically beat it already. You should make your own inspirational secret-type video to watch and say aloud every day to help visualize your postivity.

    Or not.

    Did the person that took that picture make fun of you at all?

  3. Anonymous11:27 PM



  4. Anonymous11:48 PM

    At least you didn't make the fist around the thumb so it automatically breaks when you connect. That is the true sign of the rookie fist maker.

  5. Sounds like you've got a raging case of the Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu. Three fingers of straight bourbon whiskey will cure that right up! (Or at least make you no longer care about whatever it was that was afflicting you in the first place) Guaranteed to work or your money back!

  6. Anonymous5:03 PM

    Fuck dizziness. we have CMW to deal with... and thousands of lip balms to give out. Oh btw... i am have been making my desk at canoe "the desk of love" ala the meeting last night....If you build it they will come. fingers crossed.
    Hope that cranial dudette fixed you right up. and when in doubt think of pudding!!