Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Your wish is my command

Happy Valentine's Day Jacob!
In other news, Brie and I are all over The Eyeopener's Love & Sex issue this week. (I wrote something, and Brie did hair and makeup for a photoshoot.) Grab a copy at school or else check the new issue out at


  1. Really, that's just mean.

  2. Who's Jacob Taylor??

    And why is your one toe randomly longer??

    These are questions that need to be answered!!

  3. Really, it is just mean for a whole lotta reasons.

  4. I'm not sure who Jacob Taylor is, but I've got more important concerns.

    What kind of sub-par paper are you trying to sell us here? There are no horroscopes and no comic-strips. Pages 10 and 15 are missing completely. And I can't find any mention of your name anywhere inside this thing. What gives?

  5. Hmmm, if we can request messages on your body parts...I'm think "Washington Rocks" on your kneecaps would be stellar! I also clicked the link for your paper and couldn't find you.

    Jake Taylor is the dreamiest boy at Taylor University College...haha...that's it.

  6. If we're going to start making requests for body parts with messages, I think I'll need to start making a list. And you're either going to have to start taking credit card numbers for this website, or you'll have to start blogging through my email account. You did say, "Your wish is my command".

    Your cut out heart shape is almost as mishapen and unique as your feet.

  7. Jacob is my fiance. He loves my feet.

    My toes are weird size and shapes because I consistantly break one of them (the really long one) and because they are just really ugly. Also a horse stepped on my right foot. It is still somewhat mishappen from that incident. At least that's my argument.

    The story was written under a pseudonym because it was, shall we say, a little risque?

  8. There is nothing wrong with the cut out heart shape, Alex. I used the missing heart piece for Mark's valentine this year, and Im sure he isn't going to have a problem with the shape of it, so just shut up and love it cuz it's a heart and it's valentine's day.

    Have a happy one!