Saturday, February 17, 2007

This post is awkward

Karen's in Ottawa, Katrina's in Florida, Brie's over at Mark's, and Ivonne's working a shift at the hospital. So, for this rare moment in time I'm home alone with only The Best of Bon Jovi for company. (The alternate title of this post should probably be: "Hello stalkers. Here's your chance!")

I'm getting ready to go out to the "(not for) Chinese New Year's Party!" at 518 by pre-lubing.* I'm strangely nervous about the evening. I'm debating having a drink. A rye and coke, perhaps? Hmmm. I don't know if that would go well with my drinks for later in the evening. I picked up some brandy and a couple of Strongbow ciders (I was indecisive at the LCBO and the security guard kept eyeing me and asking if I wanted help, hence my random choices).

The truth is, I've always been pretty sure that the whole "don't mix your liquors" thing is just an urban myth created to confused people. Where's the proof that mixing liquor and beer is bad for you? This has always confused me.

I'm nervous for the most ridiculous of reasons, too. (Warning: this is about to turn into the confessions of a 16-year-old girl getting ready for her homecoming dance.) Heather and Dan are going to be at the party. I've been lurking on Heather in the blogosphere for a solid 3 months now and I've only met Dan once before. And unfortunately, the one and only time I met Dan was the same night as the weekend I quit blogging (temporarily). It involved Alice, Scott and I staying in a London hostel and drinking the junior high special. Dan met me under these conditions.

The thing is, that like many bloggers, I'm really socially awkward. (Alex Dodd disputed this fact until I reminded him what our first conversation was about. He agreed that if he was not like-minded, I may have come across as inappropriate.)

I'm not quiet socially awkward. I'm abrasively socially awkward. Intrusive, even. The chances of me offending someone are quite high.

Time to go make that drink.

*In addition to adhering to a strict regime of drinking water throughout the night and when I get home in the evening, I also like to drink a lot of water before I start drinking for two reason: 1) I think there's potential that this helps in the hangover prevention process and 2) even if it doesn't, at least the water fills up room in your stomach so you're less likely to drink a lot of alcohol. This is called the pre-hydration process. My mother, however, likes to call this the pre-lubrication, or pre-lubing process. She justifies calling it this because she thinks it probably makes it easier to puke.


  1. I searched high and low for solid evidence that you should not mix your alcohols, but found nothing.

    I did however, in my search find evidence that the following should definitely not be mixed with alcohol:

    Pain killers
    Energy drinks
    Being at work
    Hormone Replacement Therapy
    Lawn Mowers
    Being in the fetus

    That's all I could find though, so go ahead and mix alcohol with other alcohol. Google tells me it's true, and that's all the proof I need.

  2. In my further searches I have also found the following things which should not be mixed with alcohol:

    Hepatitis C

    Also, apparently sundaes and sit-ups as well as guns and business both make for poor mixes.

  3. I've definitely violated a few of Alex's "does not mix with alcohol" suggestions. Alcohol and boating definitely goes together -- especially when fishing. But, then again, my definition of "boating" involves a canoe and paddle.

    Homer Simpson: I'm a white male aged 18-49, everyone listens to me no matter how dumb my suggestions are!
    [Homer pulls a can out of the cupboard labeled "Nuts & Gum - Together at last!"]

  4. "You're going to a blogger party in Toronto? You're a freak," says my younger brother, as he and his girlfriend finish up an intense 10hr-long World of Warcraft session. "It's not really a blogger party. Not everyone there will be bloggers. Just the cool kids." Jess, it was wonderful to lurk you in the flesh. Let's do it again sometime. Undoubtedly my own intense social awkwardness blows yours out of the water.