Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sand dunes in Lapland

I've never really understood any of the ad campaigns for Diesel, but the latest one has me more confused than the before. Because, apparently, Diesel clothing is global warming ready.

I was confused and slightly disgusted by the idea that a well-known clothing company would launch a multi-million dollar advertising campaign dedicated to glamourizing global warming. And that no one would bat an eye.

Looking into it, I discovered that this is supposed to be ironic, of course. (Clearly!) Diesel has actually launched the campaign in conjuction with Stop Global Warming. Org. Oh, okay, then. In that case, I guess I'm okay with it.


Wait a second. . .

If Diesel is actually dedicated to stopping global warming, why aren't their advertisements featuring images of people suffering from the effects of Global Warming--rather than making us all crave the benefits that global warming offers including every day being distinctly like a tropical vacation, great clothing, hot bodies, and obviously, hot sex.

I don't get it.

(Yes, it feels like -27 outside. And then add the 54km/h wind gusts to that. Ugh.)

Or maybe the satirical intent of the ads is just lost on me because I can't even leave the house right now.

I'm global warming ready.


  1. umm yeah that ad campaign is dumb.

    im bored. come to ottawa soon.

  2. Hot sex... in tropical places.

    Cold sex in Toronto.