Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday is Mail Day

I'm not going to lie, I was a little bit embarassed when the mailman handed me this package, with a raised eyebrow. That's right, I'm having a sordid love affair with Al Gore. Wanna fight about it?

Actually, I'm pretty sure if I was sleeping with Al Gore, and he sent me a romantic care package, the contents would have been similar.

Haha. I love how this was like an infomercial for Alex's own food blog.

I also like how Alex Dodd sent me something that he thought I might not like. For the record though, I love candied ginger. It's good for nausea, especially where motion sickness is concerned. You can also drop candied ginger in tea for a little extra flavour.

However, I bit into the alleged soy nuts...and they were nuts of beans of some variety, but they were definitely not soy nuts, because soy nuts are roasted. What occured in my mouth was far from delicious.

I kind of wish I wasn't headed to London this afternoon, because I really want to make the curry lentil soup right now. But all the bulk dried goodness is going into Ziplock bags for the bus ride.

Because nothing says "be my friend" like yogurt covered raisins.


  1. The best was the young girl working at the post office that I sent it through. I had two different tracking numbers on the same receipt so she circled them both and wrote the names of the two recipients of my packages beside them. They were "Dan the Man" and "Sex Goddess Lockhart". She was obviously trying not to laugh at me.

    Sorry that you don't like the soy nuts, but yes, they are indeed soy nuts. They're just not roasted or salted. Trust me, I know. I order them myself from the distributor in 20lb bags to sell to hundreds of people, so they'd better be soy nuts.

  2. Yes, this is what I explained to Court...that they were unroasted. Not a fan.
    I guess the differentiation I would make is that in my head soynuts are roasted, whereas soybeans are unroasted.

  3. nice. i wish someone would send me a care package like that.

  4. This comment has nothing to do with your post.

    You should read Questionable Content strips 515 through 530ish, and pay attention to the blonde character. She makes my think of you if you were a comic strip character. (Okay, minus the OCD thing).