Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Miraculous anagrams

In what can only be described as a miracle, I've been going to all my classes lately in an effort to get the illustrious and often besotted "A."

I don't know if I've really got the hang of going to the lectures for my electives, though:

This alone is indication that I probably need to work on my note-taking skills. (Although, later, when I'm studying, I know these little notes to myself will invariably crack me up, and I'll somehow remember the entire lecture. There's a certain method here. Jesus would want me to get "A"s.)

And for all those naysayers who thinks my latest quiz was too hard and based upon changing opinions that are impossible to quantify--this is yet another example of how it was mainly based on static facts. This is a prime example of how I can't do anagrams to save my life. (After viewing this pallid example, it probably also makes you wonder how I kick everyone's ass at Scrabble. I'm just as confused as you are about this one, kids.) I can, however, stick my entire fist in my mouth, which is a much more useful skill when you think about it.

Can you find the four-4 letters words using these letters? (Hint: despite my attempts NIHE and NEWH aren't words. Whew! Good thing we got that out of the way!)


  1. Anonymous6:33 PM

    I could only think of three words:
    Wankel Rotary Engine.
    I have to check on that last one though.

    Impressive note-taking. Whenever I'm in a meeting I like to count the number of times silly corporate cliché words get thrown out, like 'leverage' or 'synergies.'

  2. BLASTED!!

    You took wine. I can't believe you didn't get that one Jess.

    FRIG! Even Hewn is gone!

    Screetus I shall out do you!

    I win. Hine. No idea what it means, but its a word. Whin! Theres another. When! There, thats three. I doth truly win.

  3. You were too caught up in the irony of the fact that you would later being whining about your lack of skills.

    My personal favourite corporate cliche is opportunity. It's so full of promise

  4. This is what I'm saying. . .I'm stupid when it comes to anagrams! WINE and WHEN were so obvious, but I couldn't even see them!

  5. sorry captain I beat you to when.

    alex, those were the first two I wanted to use but Screetus had beat me.

    Jess don't worry we all have off days.

  6. Jesus sent lots of bitches?

    That's a biblical quote right?

  7. Lol. Word for word.

  8. okay i guess i'm dumb because all i got were wine and when. hewn is a word? ugh.

  9. Anonymous12:09 PM

    i hate anagrams. Im rotten at them too. I found wine tho