Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Medicinal Charm

Mom and Dad,

Don't fear! I'm clearly on the mend, with my health improving in every capacity as the moments pass!

This has been most clearly demonstrated in tonight's game of Scrabbulous with the Alex Dodd*:

Final Score
Jessikers: 382
theunbelievable: 237

The score, however, is not the evidence of my improving health**-- my propensity to brag about my superior score is the real proof.

Whatever. I'd rather be a sore winner than a sore loser.


*To compensate for my constant goading, and gloating, and every gluttonous "g" word in between, I have decided that Alex Dodd is no longer Alex Dodd. He is now the Alex Dodd. This will make him feel better about himself, since playing games of Scrabble against me clearly*** isn't helping his self-esteem in any shape, way, or form.

**And just for the record, I only beat the Alex Dodd by a mere 50 points on Sunday night. His Scrabble skills are improving. Should I be concerned?

***Clearly is my favourite adverb. My love affair with its overuse must end. Clearly.


  1. Yeesh. Just looking at the board, I can tell which words and areas you played your tiles in.

  2. Oh, you'd be surprised which one's are Alex's. He's perfecting the art of the two-letter word.

  3. Ew Scrabble. I hope 'peons' was played by Alex, in honour of his organic grocery peons.

  4. PEONS, was, in fact, played by Alex. However, you can't "ewww" Scrabble on a blog where the banner and colours have been designed to resemble a Scrabble board. C'mon now!

  5. Clearly several rematches are in order. Clearly.

  6. Anonymous3:01 PM

    You should see The Seagull's Laughter. You remind me of Freyda, a bit. . . It's not just the red hair, either.