Friday, February 16, 2007

Facts for Friday

1. Although I've always prided myself on not owning any branded clothing (with the exception of some of my jeans) I've since realized that although I don't have any name brand clothing, I have a surplus of corporate branded clothing.

My current corporate masters have given me enough branded clothing to clothe a small third world nation including:

-2 adidas t-shirts
-1 backpack
-1 windbreaker
-1 adidas fencing jacket, with a massive silk-screened logo on the back
-1 first aid bag
-1 cotton t-shirt (I used to have more, but I gave them away)
-1 hoodie
-2 golf tees
-1 cell phone

2. By our third week in Vanuatu, all the girls had broken down. Jo had waxed her upper lip, Tara had shaved her legs, and Becca was wearing full-out makeup. My weakness? Eyebrow plucking. My armpits were hairy, I smelled disgusting and there was a thick layer of mud on my feet at all times, but heaven forbid I let my eyebrows go astray!

3. I've never tried smoking cigarettes before. (I missed the memo in 7th grade and didn't go out to the alley with all the other girls for that mandatory rite of passage. This undoubtably was a huge contributing fact to my ostracization throughout the entirety of my school career.) Yet, I still can't stop thinking about the prospect of learning how to smoke my pipe.

4. On Wednesday, my class went on a field trip to Magazines Canada, where we were allowed to browse the warehouse and take as many backissues as we pleased. It is unlikely that I will read many of these, but I like to think that I might, someday.

5. It's officially Reading Week, and I'm not in Cuba right now. This is most definitely a fact.

6. When I was in Finland, my dreams would be almost entirely in Finnish. It was like my brain collected all the things I hadn't understood throughout the day, and decided to make my sleep in a foreign language as well. After looking into it, this is apparently relatively common to people living in other countries. It's difficult to research because it's not something that can be qualitatively measured, but apparently people are more proficient in a foreign language in their dreams. (I would liken to this to the fact that I first learned to speak Bislama when I was drunk. Despite my journeys, I'm horrible at foreign languages and have a mental block that prevents me from speaking them confidently. It makes me sad.)

7. Superheroes are often independantly wealthy.

Facts for Friday: I'm like a Bon Jovi Dream Machine.


  1. I propose that the dream state is an alternate state of consciousness in which you interact with the other dreaming people in your relative proximity.

    If you dream in Finland, you're interacting with other Finish dreamers.

    If you dream in Scottland, you're interacting with other dreamsing Scotts.

    I don't think it's necessarilly geographically bound, but I think physical proximity increases the odds.

    I am skeptical of the notion that dreams are simply internalized "mind stuff".

  2. I kind of agree with that notion in some cases. I often dream similar dreams to people I'm sharing a bed with. And then there are all the times that I'm sleeping, but somehow aware that I'm having a conversation (talking in my sleep) with the person sleeping next to me who is also talking in their sleep. My friend Chloe and I are often on this wavelength. We argue a lot and then wake up feeling very unrested, but loving each other in real life.

  3. Oh, and how did I forget! I actually had a dream about you during my nap yesterday. Weird!

  4. Anonymous7:32 AM

    i have noticed that my dreams have been in swedish for over a year now, they often are in swedish even when i go home. i might start to speak swedish when i wake upp in finland. and nowone understands me, and i don't realize that i speak the wrong language. in canada, i woke upp with a word -that i couldn't understand- in my mind and i was forced to check it from the dictionary... it welt weard to learn language from my own dreams..

  5. Helka,
    My favourite is all the times you woke up and tried to talk to me in Finnish, and then got angry that I couldn't understand you.
    Hahaha. Man, I miss that.

  6. Anonymous4:39 PM

    That was in Sofia, Bulgaria, right.. I really couldn't understand what was happening. I remember the night you hit me on the face while sleeping and told me to go downstairs. That was in the hotel in Edmonton. Funny memories...

  7. "Hi, I'm Rev Shabbazz...You may remember me from such films as 'Lead Paint -- Delicious but Deadly!' and 'Here comes the Metric System!'"