Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Devil's Juice

Last night Court and I headed to Kensington for Ben's birthday celebration. Everyone was instructed to bring a specific bottle of liquor and Ben had set up in the corner a bar, complete with a bartender! We tried all of the drinks except for "Into the Blue." We weren't a big fan of the Devil's Juice, but loved the Pomtinis!

The bartender wrote our names on our cups, sort of like when you're in fifth grade and you go to a birthday party and the mom has already written your name on a paper cup before you even get there. (And then of course, you still invariably lose your allotted paper cup, and need another one in the end. In my case, there was always more than one Jessica at the birthday parties, which led to me stealing other people's cups.)

He had a little trouble understanding the spelling of Court's name, though.

Ben requested that we all dress up, which we did with ease. Jonny sporting the pipe!

Jonny waiting by the bar for the bartender to return.

Happy Birthday Ben!

Okay, these are the red shoes that I was talking about. Verdict? (I guess I have to keep them now, since I've worn them now.)

Thanks for the lovely evening Ben! I hope your birthday was wonderful!

1 comment:

  1. The verdict is....

    Hotter then an Alberta driver's license.

    Happy Birthday Ben! (if you're reading this)