Thursday, February 01, 2007

Savage Competition

I have serious writer's block right now. There's only an hour until I have to leave the house to meet up with Kaydi and Ashley for our field trip into little Ethiopia (which is apparently located on the Danforth) for a group project. I wanted to churn out my story for the Eyeopener's Love and Sex issue before I left the house so that I can edit and tighten it when I get home, but I'm not making much progress yet.

The worst (best?) part is, I've been assigned to write a story about sluttiness, a subject on which I am quite clearly an expert. This should be easy. Straight-forward, simple. It's territory that I'm all too-familiar with.

But I'm kind of wishing that my assignment was to just sit around and take narcissistic pictures of myself for an hour straight. Because that I could do, no problem.

Instead, I'm grappling to find just the right words to adequately describe watching a 30-something woman in tight leather pants give fellatio to a silver dildo.

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  1. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Ah, the old 'tight leather pants/silver dildo' dilemna. Scourge of writers everywhere.