Sunday, January 14, 2007

Why the long face?

After I got back to Toronto last weekend, I was tired, but ridiculously excited to see Alice, who had stayed in the city for Christmas. We've known each other for a year now.

We went out to Dance Cave for Mark P.'s 22nd birthday. Happy Birthday Mark! (Okay, I realize this is now a kind of belated blog post, but you know I love you.) I actually had a dream the other night that Mark P. was trying to market the "Mark P. drink." It did quite well. He was using myspace primarily to advertise. (I think we're too wrapped into all these technological social spheres.)

I couldn't resist giving Jeff intense scalp massages all night.

Brie came back from Amsterdam on Saturday. We hadn't seen each other since the start of June, when I left for Vanuatu. When I saw her again, I couldn't stop hugging her. We also held hands. And then she taught us to play this game called Long Face.

The goal of the game is to make your face as long as possible. This is more fun than it may look.

It's also impossible to look attractive while playing this game.

Lana also came over for the day and we went out for Mexican food.

Katrina came back home and decided to clean out her room from last term.

Which is when she found this:

Things aren't quite the same at China, though: Sasha has gone on exchange to London for the term. Long face has more than one meaning.


  1. I like to play a variant on 'Long Face' called 'Big Face, Little Face.' First, the ring leader shouts out "Big Face!!" After an appropriate period of big-facing, she cues the shift to small squished-up faces: "Little Face!!" Thus, an exciting stream of alternating big and little faces ensues, lasting for a potentially infinite number of alternations. The contrast heightens the effects and excitement while also providing a full facial work-out and stretch.

    Ny verification word, xrowoy, rhymes pleasantly with cowboy

  2. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Wtf is that? It could be some sort of really clever abstract art. But it's more than likely just an unfortunate "bacteria culture".

    Enlighten me?

  3. It's definitely a huge chunk of mold.

  4. Mark has a *really* long face.

  5. This post is so well put together. It's all about the composition! The faces look so intriguing, then surprised. By the end I was ready to vomit.