Sunday, January 14, 2007

The dangers of free beer

On Friday after class, Brie and I were dead set to celebrate our re-union. It was also too convinient that Junior had won the VIP tour package for the SteamWhistle Brewery from my fundraiser.

This right here is what will be known as photographic foreshadowing, at only 4 in the afternoon.

The tour package included SteamWhistle merchandise and free food for Junior and 9 of his friends. Little did we know that we'd be getting much more than just a "taste" of the brewery's beer; we'd be getting free beer for the rest of the night.

The SteamWhistle brewery is right downtown under the CN tour.

At the last minute, a bunch of people bailed, but we managed to salvage together an interesting group of people. Alice came out.

Christine (who I stayed with in Calgary way back in April) and Olga came out at the last minute.

And when I called Sarah and Carla at the eyeopener office, neither one of them could come, but Jamie, the paper's photo editor and previous owner of a very thick beard, was more than happy to come too.

Junior was our amazing host.

As VIP guests, we also got out own personal tour guide. Matt knew his shit, and I think our tour ran about an hour longer than it should have, partially because the journalist in me came out to play and I asked about nine hundred and eight-two questions.

Fun fact for all the vegetarians out there: did you know that a lot of beer has gelatin in it, but breweries aren't required by law to list it in the ingredients?

The Wan Bigfella Fundraiser may have been a fundloser, but this tour package made it all very of worthwhile.

When I drink, scientific sounding words like dichotomization and titration are heavy on my tongue.

And when the words left my mouth, perfectly pronunciated and in correct context, everyone stopped talking, their mouths agap.

"Did you just say dicohotimization? You can barely use normal words right now, but you just said dichotomization?"

"Yah, so what? You wanna fight about it?"

And then I start rambling about whatever my favourite animal of choice is at that moment in time. (Currently it's barnacles, despite their lack of a central nervous system. But in the past, it's been albatrosses, parrots, aadvarks and sloths.)

And with that, all is right in the world again.

I've always hated SteamWhistle beer. But somehow, free beer tastes about 10 times better.

After the SteamWhistle tour, we went to Tortilla Flats before heading to Mark's place and picking up Dayn along the way.

We jumped on the streetcar to head to Dance Cave. (We decided to continue with the "free" theme of the evening by going to the one place that is relatively close by with dance and no cover.)

Chris was also on the tour, but somehow I have no pictures of him other than this.

Nando and his friend Mike came out to join us.

And Court and Jonny met up with us in the line there.

When I'm drinking, my affection and love for you is loose in my mouth, and not hidden. Admiration and feelings I'd never share and suddenly flowing freely. Things I'd usually hide; not from you, but from myself. Because to admit to myself that you all mean this much to me, is to admit attachment.
And sometimes you need to let go.


  1. You and your friends have an odd fashion sense. I like it.

  2. I the mirrored self-portrait, you look hammered. I'm talking can't stand on your own two feet hammered.

  3. Steamwhistle was one fun time. Found out what happened to Chris, he went home puking. A shame, but it happens.

    Glad you could make it out and photodocument the event. I saw we rig the next event so we can all do it again.

    And what about that beard Jess??

  4. Edit: say not saw.

  5. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Damn, I wish I could have gone to the Steamwhistle brewery. I will regret my decision to stay at the office for the rest of my life... But thanks for the invite, I'm glad you guys had fun!

  6. umm, since i was dead sober the entire night, i actually witnessed and tried to tell everyone what happened to Chris. but, wouldn't ya know it, everyone was too hammered to listen or understand. the last thing i saw was Chris trying to puke his stomach contents BACK into his beer bottle, while trying to urgently flee from the middle of the dance floor. by far, one of the funniest things i have ever seen. and i am SO glad i was sober enough to remember it.

    and Jess, like i said, i've never seen you that licked before, and its a shame. some of the things you said to me at Tortilla Flats were some of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me in my life. honestly, you hit a nerve that night, and i really can't thank you enough. at the very, very least.....ditto.

  7. haha Nando, I was the first to know what happened to Chris since I saw him trying to do the puke into the bottle and be ok routine. I sent him to the washroom and then tried to call/find him for the rest of the night. But he's a tried and true frat boy, so I knew in the end he'd be ok. Which he was. I'm glad he came out and I'm glad you were concerned for him. I hope you had a good time, Im sure to run into you in the future.