Saturday, December 02, 2006

Underneath the fake tree

So my mom asked me to make her a Christmas wish list.

And apart from a new camera that I really don't need persay, this is all I can figure out that I want. And I'm 22. I'm not about to ask my mom for an art farm.


Can someone out there help me out please? What do I want for Christmas?


  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    Lol. That's awesome Jess. I had the same problem, and I told Mom as much when I e-mailed her back. My xmas list looked like that of a 10-yr old. Once I trimmed it down I was left with "clothes".

    Because as cool as I might think it is, there's no way a 26 year old should be asking his parents for lego for xmas.

  2. you can do better if your surfing ThinkGeek. However it is still pretty damn cool. Id go for the usb BEvERage chiller.

    andrew - lego is totally appropriate for any age. 1 - 99 is the age range for lego. Dont think the 100+ crowd or 0 - 1ers can pick up the pieces

  3. You definitely need one of these ::

  4. Anonymous11:54 PM

    Clearly the correct answer here is: Hippopotamous

  5. A cultural identity??
    If I get the time I'll write a proper answer to your kind of depressed post about belonging to ethnic groups ... and such.
    If you'd like to cheat and copy my wishlist, it includes an all-region DVD player, a DVD burner, a book called Starfucker (a German Starwars parody), several books by Terry Pratchett, a biochemistry book that's too heavy to carry from the Christmas tree to my room, a TV card for my PC, a bike saddle and flight tickets back to Norway and to South Africa (because apparently the hottest guys in the world are polarized in these two countries). You're welcome.
    And thanks for giving me something to read...Norwegian and biology stuff were getting on my nerves a bit!