Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Thoughts? I'm full of them. Execution? Not so much.

As some of you within my exclusive inner circle know, for the past couple of months I've been very secretly* planning and plotting my 2007 New Year's Resolution.

With 2006: Year of the Rash (aka Year of the Beard) having been one of my proudest lifetime accomplishments, I know I'm capable of doing anything I put my mind to.

The only problem is, I'm not sure if I want to put my mind to it. Maybe I'm getting too old for this nonsense. Maybe I'm annoying people instead of entertaining them. Maybe I'm reinforcing the fact that I may just be an attention craved lunatic.

But judging from the overall results of 2006, the resolution to make completely inane resolutions was completely ane.** And I'm quite pleased with the outcome of my endeavour.

Really, my hesistance comes down to three factors:

a) Time: I don't have much right now. I want to spend my time in Alberta with my friends and family-- not in front of my computer.

b) I need support in terms Expertise: I'm lacking the know-how to build the site that I want to. If anyone has a couple of hours to kill to help me with site design, I'd be much indebted. I'd also like to potentially buy a domain name. I already picked out a really good one.

c) I need support in terms of interest: does anyone even care? (Trust me, this latest idea has the potential to follow firmly in the footsteps of other ridiculous ideas I've had: ie. MakeOut Campaign 2004, and the Calendar)

If I can pull this off with a minimum amount of time investment, and if there's interest, maybe it's worth it?

(If not, for those of you who are within the elite inner circle and have already listened to me ramble about 2007, please never bring it up again, because it will likely bring a tear to my eye, and will make me wish I had a monocle to cover up the evidency of the crying.)


*In otherwords, in classic Jessica-fashion I've told everyone who is willing to listen.
**Ane. Antonym to "inane". Wanna fight about it?


  1. You haven't told me, but then we haven't talked much lately anyways... So, I say go for it, big time. I mean seriously you need the big Jess-esque thing. Or else you you wouldn't be you and well its 1. Always a good way to start a conversation, 2. Something interesting to hear about randomly, 3. Fuck I dunno, just do it, what the hell else are you going to do? Succum to reality? Do that and the terrorists have won!

    Websites.. I know a little about them. I have books on PHP and website creation I can lend to you if you want.

    Jess we all crave attention, its just funner when you do it. Honestly I suck at craving attention, or more accurately getting said attetion creatively.

    Anyways this is long.
    So go out there and be as Jess as you possibly can Jess. And I really hope this isn't the year of the Rat. Rattails are gross and way too hickish even for you.


  2. I think you have a marvelous site. You're an entertaining writer, also. Just wish I knew a bit more about computers to help you.

    Whatever happens, keep up the good work.

  3. I've got your website experience -- what I don't have is time. There are more projects on my plate right now than I know what to do with. Not to mention all the Christmas hoo-haa.

    If you need advice or consultation, though, feel free to get in touch. I'll be glad to help where I can -- I'm just not ready for any kind of serious commitment (har har har).

  4. Anonymous9:54 PM

    I care, but this you know. I'd link your website too, but since half of my 30 daily hits probably come from this site, I guess that isn't all that encouraging.