Thursday, December 14, 2006

Okay, who put this on me?

Today love came knocking directly on my door. . .or my name just got a phone list for telemarketers that run a dating service. I kid you not. I just had a dating service call me asking if I wanted to sign up to meet someone to share my life with.

Wow. That's a new low. Not for them, but for me.

That's the social suicide equivalent of Lava Life personally calling you up and being like, "Good evening Ms. L---. Our records show here that your historical love life has been so pitiful that you've had to resort to making ridiculous resolutions to resolve the problem. Well, we're here to help you out!"

I just want to know how my name got put on that calling list. Like, did they somehow analyze my airmiles statements and what I buy for groceries? Are there staticians that are employed by these companies to analyze my shopping choices and be like, "Oh, yup, this one bought a single serving microwave dinner and some chocolate. Afterwards, she went to the LCBO and bought a bottle of red wine. This happens nearly every week. There is also one charge on her for a individual person's admission to the movies. Yup, this one has to be single."

It gave me a certain sense of satisfaction to tell the telemarketer that No, I'm not looking for love. But thanks for calling.


  1. At least you get phone calls. No one (except mom, but really, its mom) calls me.

  2. Wait until everyone and their brother starts asking you "When are you going to have kids?!?" It is infinitely worse, I assure you!

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    hey Juniour, I get a ton of spam calls on a weekly basis. Telemarketers love my phone number. I'm totally willing to pass ont the good fortune if you want them instead? I'll just tell them all my phone number is changing. :-)

    Funny story, a certain religious organization who focusses on the end of the world scenario a lot called. My roommate told them we were satanists.

  4. >> My roommate told them we were satanists.

    Outstanding! Always a good time trying to freak the people out! Fortunately for us, the religious types who stop by our house these days are always looking for other Spanish speaking people. They're never interested in saving our lilly-white souls -- unless we can speak Spanish!

    No hablo y no deseao "redemption"!