Thursday, December 14, 2006

Exclaimation marks to spare!

I keep getting nail polish all over my keyboard.

But at least I finally learned how to paint my own fingernails. (I've been having a hard time with it ever since Courtney moved out.) I'm a real girl, now!

I probably bombed my final exam today. But the truth is, I got kind of bored in the exam room, so I left.

I have seen my Dad for a total of 2 and 1/2 in all of 2006. He's picking Andrew and I up in Edmonton on Wednesday. I will likely take an excessive amount of pictures, mainly of the igloo I intend upon building immediatly upon arrival in Cold Lake. Andrew is going to help me, but he doesn't know it yet. (Well, actually he knows it now, because he'll read this he when I'll probably be in Alberta, and he'll still be in B.C.) Many of the pictures will likely feature Andrew looking disgruntled but obliged to help me with my snow fortress of DOOM! (As opposed to, you know, my snow fortress of a magical winter wonderland. I figure my brother will be more likely to help me if we call it the snow fortress of DOOM! And, I'm pretty sure more boys will be willing to hang out in my igloo with me if you have to say the name of it an octave lower than your normal speech patterns. It's a surefire plan.)

Also, I got Andrew a really good Christmas present. I never did manage to make myself a Christmas wish list. But I do really want the domain name, so if somebody wants to buy it for me, I'd be really happy. I'd even considering naming my snow fortress of DOOM! after you.

But I'm not making any promises.

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  1. Sorry kiddo -- you're out of luck. is owned by some dude in Dearborn, MI. It doesn't expire until Oct-07. is availabe, though.

    Use this site to do a "whois" search to see if your domain names are available.

    Right after Willie Nelson got busted, I was going to register to start a "grass roots" movement, but someone beat me to it. was availble, but I waited too long and that got snagged pretty quickly too.

    It's a dog-eat-dog world-wide-web out there!

    But, the "take away message" of all this rambling is, of course, FREE WILLIE NELSON! :-)

    Good luck tracking down an available URL.