Friday, December 08, 2006

Celebrate the Purpose

There's always been something about the nature of birthdays that confuses me.

I guess it's that somewhere in between the drinks and the laughter and the planning and the gifts we tend to forget the real reason we're celebrating. Somehow, the purpose gets lost in the process.

But today, I know why we're celebrating.

We're celebrating being lucky enough to know that person.

We are celebrating that birth of someone close to us, who has affected us, changed us, helped us. We are celebrating someone that we've shared and created memories with. Birthdays are for celebrating the sheer existance of someone we love.

I wish you the happiest birthday Alice, and I'm glad you exist. Thank you for being part of my life.


  1. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Happy birthday Alice! I'm glad I know you, even just a little bit. I hope you had a great birthday with lots of alcohol and discussiona and laughs. I hope you actually read this.

  2. Awww!! Happy Birthday Alice!! I really hope you are coming home for Christmas with me cuz it's going to be a lot of fun!! You're the coolest!


  3. Anonymous8:28 AM

    thanks Brie and thanks jess!!
    I just want you to know that I am at work, its 830, i am hungover...and now i am crying!


    christmas with you siunds fabulous brie...and Blogger...i am lost for words. and we both know that that is a rare ocurrence :)

    love love, alice xx

  4. Anonymous8:29 AM

    oh and thanks Alex! i just saw yr comment too......

  5. Alice I heart you too!!!!!!