Tuesday, December 05, 2006

. . .because nothing makes me feel better like making lists does

Things I'm Stressed About

1. My mother's disapproval of my vegetarianism and how it imposes upon her life.

2. The fact that the only person I've bought a Christmas gift for thus far is my brother.

3. Ill relatives.

4. Visiting my grandmother.

5. Transcribing interviews.

6. Writing my final article for the term.

7. The recent onslaught of dizzy spells I've been experiencing.

8. My propensity to sleep too much.

9. The people who have yelled at me in the past week for various reasons.

10. Pursuing a degree I'm not sure I care about.

11. Getting enough green vegetables.

12. Going home for Christmas.

13. Coming back to Toronto after Christmas.

14. Watching too much TV.

15. Filling out paperwork for my corporate job.

16. Filling out paperwork for my university job.

17. Being stressed too much.

18. Having to write lists about being stressed in order to destress.

19. The ineffectual nature of this list.


  1. well if it makes you feel any better the new bond girl looks like you.

  2. You are the billionth person to tell me that. My mom was just telling me that on the phone, directly before we got into the meat-eating habits fight.

  3. yeah she has your lips exactly and in teh movie especially when she drowns it is like whoa jess is drowning.

  4. Anonymous3:57 AM

    Hey, you're pretty cute. Much cuter then that new bond girl everybody's been talking about. You and I should hook up sometime. I don't eat meat so you're mother may not like me, but you should give it a shot.

    Think about it. It might help you relieve some of that stress.


  5. Love lists! Are you coming to visit me this weekend? I know a cute restaurant that makes a kick ass eggplant canelloni. Also, I could use some Jess time. I am sure Melissa could too.

  6. Anonymous6:26 PM

    Being from Victoria, I know many a vegetarian. My friend Jenni's parents were also really upset when she turned vegetarian. But, they managed to find a working solution.

    Basically, Jenni's parents completely ignore her that she's a vegetarian and cook meat as usual. Jenni ignores the fact that they are assholes and just eats around the meat.

    See? Denial is always an option.

  7. Anonymous11:01 PM

    I'll pull a "Junior" here and do an online comment-box-diagnosis of your problems... The dizzy spells and the sleeping too much are probably related. Sleeping too much will lower your resting heart rate, which lowers your blood pressure and thus makes you dizzy. So sleep 6-8 hours a night, at regular times and start your morning off with a big, protein-y breakfast. Do you eat eggs? I don't know. If you do, eat those. If you don't, eat peanut butter. But not too much peanut butter, as that can tend to gum things up.

    I also suggest listening to the new album by the Shins, "Wincing the Night Away" (which I've put in your sharing folder) and watching "Half Nelson".

  8. Alex- I only date guys with beards. Sorry, but thanks for the offer.

    Mon- I'll try to call you tomorrow.

    Carla- Best anecdote. Thanks. I need that kind of support.

    Mark-Good call on the dizziness/sleeping. I didn't even consider that.
    And thanks for the music. However, at the rate you are going I'm going to have to download itunes, something I've been trying not to do for over a year.
    I'm gonna have to cave sooner or later, huh?