Friday, November 03, 2006

Wan Bigfella Stressfest

6:54 pm

It has just occurred to me that something I have been working on for two months is just one night for everyone else. Katrina and I went to the mall this afternoon in search of matching outfits to wear tonight. (If Scott and Alice can do it, why can't we?)

"I think skank is out of season," I told Katrina, while I rifled futily through the racks and tried to fend off the Friday payday shoppers for space.

"Yah, but clearance skank is in season!" she said, triumphantly picking out two short brown cord skirts. We're wearing them with my Port Vila, Vanuatu t-shirts, which are inappropriatly tight.

6:55 pm

I kind of wish that Kanye did have a workout tape.

6:59 pm

Does anyone out there know anything about owning gumball machines?

7:17 pm

I just peeled a huge clump of hair off my computer chair and plugged in my curling iron. This is how boring pre-party entries are when I'm not drinking and when I'm being ridiculously responsible because I'm throwing a fundraiser for an international youth development organization.

7:24 pm

Katrina and I decided that tonight we're just going to get way over-caffienated instead of drinking. I went downstairs to grab a cola-flavoured beverage (which, upsettling, wasn't flat enough- I *hate* carbonated pop). It only seemed natural to pour some rye in it for flavour.

7:59 pm

Why do I procrastinate? Stacey will be here any second and I'm still not ready to go. And yet. . .I'm still blogging. (Note to self: check out signs of addiction/mental illness later.)

Here we go. . .!

More breaking news to come. . .thank you j-skool!

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  1. Sorry about the whole bar thing. I was being a bit presumputous... fuck it I cant spell at the moment. Anyways I had a great time. I'll see you later Jess.