Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The truth is, I don't even drink milk.

If you're sick of reading about, thinking about, arguing about milk bags, then go read Get Off That Thing!

Mark finally updated it with the Ottawa pictures featuring fellow bloggers Melissa and Monique.


  1. Jess, reading your blog over the past year or so has given me a tremendous amount of fodder when conversing with my newly found Canadian friends. The following exchange took place this afternoon over Chicago Beef sammiches with my new Canadian friend, Matt.

    Me: "So...What's up with 'milk bags'? That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard! Cigarettes in packs of 25 -- that's not half bad! But milk bags? Explain!"

    Matt: [laughing] "I don't know -- I never really thought about it. You guys didn't have milk bags?"

    Me: "Of course we didn't had milk bags! We had cartons and bottles like every other industrialized town! Why would we want our milk delivered to us in bags?!?"

    Matt: "I don't know -- it's more convenient!"

    Me: "More convenient? Is there a spout on the thing like the a box of wine?"

    Matt: [laughing harder] "Oh no, there's no spout. You have to cut the bag! They actually sell bag cutters, but you can use scissors if you like"

    Me: "And this is more convenient?!? When you put it in the fridge, doesn't it spill all over the place?!?"

    Matt: "Oh no, there's a little carton that you put the bag in when you put it in the fridge. They sell them at the store. Wow, I never really thought about it, but I guess the milk bag is pretty dumb, eh!"

    Me: [with annoying satirical Canadian accent] "No doubt about it!"

  2. You nailed it Rev. Exactly the reasons I hate them. Also because I don't drink milk in 3 litre quantities, and despise having to buy SO much milk at one time!

  3. Ive started to buy cartons of milk. The bags take up too much room. However I do love bagged milk. Reminds me of home.

  4. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Fuck Milk.

  5. WTF, milk bags?!

    We don't have that in Australia. I will have to disown the nation if I ever find a retailer ballsy enough to sell milk in a freakin' bag!

  6. Anonymous8:21 PM


    I can't believe people could be so riled up about a beverage container, nice work!

    To all those who think the milk bag is superior for environmental reasons, think agin. The most environmentally friendly milk container is the milk bottle. In Vancouver (and likely many other places) you can still get your milk delivered in cute 1L glass bottles (you leave your empty bottle(s) out for the delivery person to pick up and return to the bottling facility)....or if you prefer you can also just buy bottles at the grocery store and recycle the bottles the regular way (not quite as environmentally friendly).

    Besides being cuter milk bottles also keep your opened milk freshest the longest. In fact if my memory serves me correctly the order is bottles > cartons > plastic jugs > bags (I judged a very nicely designed science fair project on this a few years back).

    Besides, who wants to use plastic food containers if they can avoid it? I for one do not want any plasticizers leaching out into my food (more likely with fatty/oily foods as plasticizers tend to be fat soluble compounds). Mmmmm plasticizers!