Sunday, November 19, 2006

My punctuation of choice is the Colon

So, this afternoon I made the brutally terrible mistake of trying to brave the Eaton Centre. I just wanted to pick up a last minute item to go with my new dress (I was looking for burgandy coloured tights, for anyone who cares about the details) and figured that if I went late enough in the evening, I'd be able to avoid all the shoppers.

I was incredibly wrong. (Also, I'd just like to note that for some reason the program I use to upload photos is being annoying and chopping off the bottom of my pictures.) Not only was there a surplus of holiday shoppers, but the Christmas music made my neck tense up in complete irritation. Christmas music should only be played from December 18th onwards.

So in addition to my new resolution to quit drinking until I leave for Alberta, I'm also resolving to not enter the Eaton Centre again until January 6th, when I return from Alberta. (The two resolutions really go hand-in-hand, when you think about it, since shopping during the holiday season drives me to drinking).

This is the new dress. I got it yesterday and took this picture partially because I wasn't sure if I was going to keep it or return it and I was going to let the blog readers decide. I wasn't that crazy about it at first, mainly because I can't really do up the top buttons, because apparently my breasts are too large. However, a safety pin and the decision to show an ample amount of cleavage solved that problem.

So basically, I just posted this picture so that I could talk about my breasts.

Sasha and I hopped on the College streetcar tonight to go to Jack Dylan's exhibit at the Whippersnapper Gallery.


First Week of Sobriety: Successful.
Amount of Alcohol Consumed This Week: One glass of wine.

Chris Lotts working the door. (I always refer to Chris by both his first and last name for two reasons: 1) There are too many Chris's in the world, and 2) It's the perfect amount of syllables. Three or more syllables in a full name makes you want to say the whole thing. Okay, and sometimes four syllables, like in the case of David Berry.)

I tried to ambush Jessex and Franco with my camera, but Jess has this sixth sense when she's about to have her photo take and turns and poses just in time. (It doesn't help the my camera is antagonizingly slow. I want a new one for Christmas, I think. But I don't think I can justify asking my parents for a new camera. I can picture that conversation now. "What do you need a new camera for? What's wrong with the one we gave you two years ago?" "Well, the processing speed on it is really slow." "So, why do you need a faster camera?" "Well, actually I need it for blogumenting purposes and taking pictures of my friends at various social events where we are usually drunk and belligerant." Yah, I'm sure that argument would go over well.)

Sasha, Franco and Alice.

Jeff, Alice and Chris Lotts. I think this is my favourite photo of the night. I also enjoyed seeing Jeff again, particularly the conversation we had when I went to say goodbye to him. Earlier in the night we had been discussing how "being wet is always in style" so when I went to give him a hug goodbye, I cheerily told him, "Enjoy being wet!" To which Jeff responded, "I love you too."


This is our New York Gallery Opening shot.

One of the twins (er, sorry) and Jessex.

Mark P and me. (Yes, that does rhyme. I know you read that in a sing-song voice. Don't deny it.)

Danny, Sarah and Sonja.

Nay, and the guy who is always with the guy who I see everywhere (if you check out the pictures from Dance Cave last weeked, this guy is in the last one.) Also seen at the event: the kid who I used to run into all the time last year, that I once made walk me home.

You know you're poor when: you spot a quarter on the floor, and it makes you this happy.

I got really excited when I spotted Sarah B. talking to Mark P. We still have yet to determine who concoted the more popular drink, although I suspect Mark P. may have been the winner.

Oh, right! I almost forgot! The art, we were there for the art!

This was an incredibly popular piece at the exhibit. It was made of beer caps and beer bottles.

Sasha suggested that we should buy it, hook it up to a keg, and hang it on our kitchen wall. (But, since is was priced at $2,800, I had to settle for buying a $5 poster for our kitchen wall instead.)

Jess with the artist, Jack Dylan. I was dissapointed to find he had shaved off his beard.

There were also DJs and bands at the venue. The Germans played, and so did Miracle Fortress, who was amazing. He simulatenously played drums, sang and played guitar. I was a big fan and picked up his EP.

And this was hands-down, my favourite poster at the show:


  1. The MySpace pose is mighty hawt. Sexy stuff. The rest of the photograph's look like fun!

  2. Looking lovely ladies!
    I think I am going to come visit within a week or two!

  3. Anonymous11:26 PM

    hot dress

  4. Anonymous3:21 AM

    Why the colon?

    I vote keep it.

  5. My love of the colon is new, really. I've been using it in writing a lot lately. Prior to this, I've been going by the philosophy that the dependant clause should be allowed to stand alone as a fragment, But then I realized those sentence fragments might be a little bit lonely, being divided by periods and all, so I decided to bring all the clauses a little closer together with the colon.

    I used to like semi-colons a lot until I realized that they are kind of grammatically presumptious. They bring two independant clauses together in unity, and who knows if they want to be together, really? Although, sometimes you bring those two independant clauses together, and it makes the whole sentence stronger. Somehow it works, and when it does, it's a glorious thing.

    [Larger metpahor contained within a punctuation lesson: I have a reached a whole new level of existance.]