Tuesday, November 21, 2006

#14: My pants are falling apart

Oh, and I just thought of this one. It's a beef both Monique and I both have:

14. What's with all the salt on the sidewalks in Toronto and Ottawa? I mean, seriously, that's not very environmentally concientious. I know businesses need to keep their walks cleared for liability reasons, but why not do what they do on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton: lots of shopkeepers there pay the homeless people* to shovel their walks.

Or, hell, they could just get out there and do it themselves! Salt for sidewalks was developped to combat ice, not snow. And by throwing salt on the snow, you are causing it to melt, which creates water, which creates ice, which creates a greater chance of liabilities and greater need for the use of salt. Not very smart when you think about it. Plus, the salt ruins your clothes and boots.
*Is there a politically correct term for homeless people? Not like it matters, since we're obviously not having the most politically correct debate, here.


  1. Anonymous4:05 AM

    This is Mike, from Edmonton, I just salted the front of the store tonight, because basically Alberta is a big piece of ice right now. Not even a joke. Plus 2 one day, minus 12 the next. Tommorw is supposued to be minus 23ish. Fuck the environment, I am not scraping that much ice. Mike Out.

  2. I heartily support your using salt to melt ice.
    It's when they use salt to melt powder snow that I get really annoyed.

  3. Just leave the ice and put some skates on.