Thursday, October 12, 2006

Photographic Revival!

Before I left for Vanuatu, Melissa and I were discussing our newfound boredom with blogging. And by newfound, what I really mean is that we have been bored with it for quite some time, which is why every five seconds we try to quit. (Threatening to quit blogging seems to be a prevalent trend in the blogosphere. Personally, I can name several bloggers who regularly quit blogging "for good" and then start again about 2 days and 18 hours later when they a) download a new Matt Good song or b) make a jar of jam*.)

But we are so compulsively and habitually linked to the blogging process that we don't know how to live life without it. Despite the possible reprecussions of publishing the sordid details (or in my case, photos) of our lives, the constant disapproval of our parents, the enouragment of bearded stalkers who send photos of their grandchildren as a means of seduction, and the fact that blogging is probably reinforcing our social awkwardness, we don't know how to stop. It's probably because we feel the need to seek the daily reaffirmation of our comments section, where our self-esteem regularly drops a notch when there are less than 8 comments.

We need to be revived. So we thought of a temporary fix: Melissa and I decided that via our super secret shared gmail account** we would send each other on photomissions.

Of course, this never happened.

So, here goes Melissa. Photo mission #1. Let's make it something easy.

Take a picture of what you wanted to be when you grew up.

(Oh, wait, was that easy? I'm not entirely sure.)

I encourage everyone to participate. And likewise, you're all encouraged to submit your own assignments.

Or else, I might have to quit blogging. And this time I meant it. . .

. . .well, at least until 2 days and 18 minutes later, when I a) get drunk with my friends or b)take a really hot picture of myself rolling around on the floor.


*Bonus points to anyone who can name who these two people are.

** Oh, you may laugh, but really, what did you expect? C'mon, after all, we met each other via the blogosphere. Having a shared secret gmail account is hardly the tip of the iceberg when it comes to concerns about our normative socialization.


  1. haha you are hilarious. I have only done that once. and I lasted 2 weeks! And I give you jam, so you are therefore not allowed to make fun of me.

    I am sure Ryan will have his own rebuttle.

    Do I get bonus points now?

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Haha. Not for identifying yourself. However, you get bonus points for commenting about two seconds after I posted this. You're a diehard. I love you!

  4. Jam was obviously Monique. I thought the Mathew Good song thing was a joke on the blogospheres obsession with Mathew Good.
    I wanted to be bunch of stuff when I grew up. Okay I think this is a good first assignment.

  5. thanks jess. know what i miss more than your blog. hanging out with people such as you and monique. and since i recently accidentally erased my blog im pretty sure it's going to last longer than a new matt good song. and he has lost his mind so that's a long time.

    but i will continue to read. just cuz i wish you guys lived here, and we could somehow hang out.


  6. Anonymous1:55 AM

    "Or else, I might have to quite blogging."

    This sentence is a grade of B, which translates to a punch in the face for you. (Chloe knows what I am talking about)

    I will let you get off with a pickled sausage from the strat.


  7. Punch in the face?? A little extreme.

    Umm where do submissions go to?

    I miss hanging out with you folks and the blog is just something to fill the inbetween with.

  8. Can the picture be of something I'm still aspiring to be? I haven't given up hope of being a pirate yet...

  9. Awwww thanks Ryan! Lucky for us, you will always live somewhere exciting where Jess and I can come and visit! Miss the 06 though!

    Somewhere warm preferably.

    SO Jess, are we supposed to e-mail these pictures in, or blog them?

  10. Obvioulsy you are supposed to blog them! This whole thing is to prevent blogging boredom. E-mailing them would defeat the purpose!

  11. I wanna be a muleskinner when I grow up!

  12. I wanted to be an astronaut, or a great politician, or a racing driver. Now I'm the catsfather and live my life through him.

  13. Anonymous12:34 AM

    hey you,
    remember that book of photos you were planning on putting together of photos just like this back in the high school days...well, i never had mine taken miss thang. we actually have kenny's up in the house and were just talking about that whole picture project the other day...
    just thought i'd bring that up for no particular reason other than i'm dreadfully bored of reading about hittites.
    yours truly,
    sexiest lady
    aka. elana.