Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Inventory on Captions

So, some stuff happened.

Alex and Melissa came to visit. Melissa's still here, sleeping in my bed, forming half of the heart that represents the blogging love brings.

We went to Mick E. Fynn's for Halloween. Courtney and I decided that we love each other intensly enough to roll around on the pool tables, arms entwined, short skirts likely flipped up, much to the delight of all the people loitering. We were trying to enhance the experience of Daylight Savings Time to make their night more worth it.

We played some cribbage. Which really doesn't explain this picture.

We ran into Tom, the smallest man alive.

We saw some lady wrestlers. Tom is not one of them.

And we may have drank some beer.

We may have ended up in Etobicoke. There was wind and water and birds and beans. And then some jazz.

And then Adam, left. Again.

Bye Adam. Again. See you soon. You smell delicious.


  1. Anonymous6:00 PM

    We may have drank, skirts likely flew and we may have hit up etobicoke. It sounds like it's only a possibility that this weekend even happened. If I hadn't have been there in the flesh I would doubt that you even had a weekend.

  2. It could have all been a dream.

    Of the good variety.