Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Fundraiser- Public Service Annoucement

Mark your calendars!

November 3rd is going to the the sequel to the Kegger for a Cause!*

The event is going to be DJed by your very own Scott and Alice, and sponsored by RockStar Energy Drinks. And behind the bar, you will find the very lovely Katrina G. and me, clad in appropriate bar-maid outfits.

What could possibly be better?

Oh, wait, but it does get better!

Drinks are going to be ridiculously cheap. However, the more pre-tickets we sell, the cheaper the drinks are.

Tickets will be $5 in advance and $10 at the door. E-mail me at jesslockhart@gmail.com for tickets.

All proceeds go towards Youth Challenge International. You will be sponsoring Stacey, who is headed to Vanuatu in December, and helping me, who is ridiculous in debt (think 5 digits, here) after building a school in Vanuatu this past summer. For more information about YCI, you can check out my travel blog or www.yci.org.
*Except this time, I actually have a legitimate liquor liscense.


  1. Jess when can I get a ticket off of ya??

  2. When I get them printed.