Friday, September 08, 2006

Romance gives me heartburn

Tuesday Night

On Tuesday night, we headed to Oakham House to watch the Sustainable Fashion show, and cheer Sasha on. The winner of the competition would be getting $250 as well as organic material, which as you may (or probably don't) know, is incrediably expensive.

As an organizer of the fashion show, Jessex's job description states that she must drag model swathed in huge sheets of cloth around. It's good work if you can get it.

Sasha's dress.

Sasha's super hot model wearing her super hot backstage after the show.

Awaiting judging. . .

All the designers with their models anticipating the annoucement of the winner. . .

"First place: Sasha H!"

And then we saw this surprisingly awesome blue-sy sounding band play. Unfortunatly, no one, including the sound guy, knew their name. I'm sure if you check out Ryerson's website it's listed, but I'm too lazy.

Hmmm. . .I wonder if I could negotiate a sponsorship deal with the United Church? Because I'm pretty sure I could offer them better service deals than God.

Thursday Night

The LCBO finally has Kokanee! They only have the supercans though, which annoys the hell out of me because then your beer gets warm. Unless, of course, you drink it quickly. And I really don't think I need any more encouragement of that activity. (I also like how it's a "New Product.")

And then, of course, I took some narcissitic pictures of myself while I was waiting for Katrina to be ready to go.

Assymetry: I'm a big fan.

First we went to the Coach House's Open House, where free beer and amazing food was served. My cousin Stan (okay, okay, my second cousin Stan) started the Coach House Press in the early 1970s and was the first to publish authors like Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje, which by association, makes me that much more awesome.

Katrina in the Magical Sleeper Chair. There were a surplus of good-looking legitimately straight looking boys at the Open House, but all of them were intimidating somehow, so we ended up taking off to head up to meet with Alice et al. at Scott's place.

"There's more homosexuals coming?" Katrina asked after a few drinks, "I thought they were all here already!"

"No, honey," she was assured by one of the boys, "there's definitely more out there!"

Sure enough, more guys came. But one of them was getting a little frisky with me. . .

. . .and Katrina!

And Scott? (Is this Scott? Or Mark?)

The guy was out of control!

He finally settled on a life-long love affair with Adam though, rather than philandering about.

Around this point in the night, a blogging crisis ensued! The batteries in my camera had died! Calamity erupted, but Alice quite willingly gave me her camera batteries for the better good of man-kind. Good on you Al!

Scott's boombox. That's right. I said boombox. Wanna fight about it?


You can tell Alice and I haven't downloaded music onto our own phones when these are the first songs that come up when you hit the Walkman button.

Adam is going back to Australia on Sunday. But I'm not acknowledging this, because I find it too saddening.

After finishing our drinks, we started walking down to the Drake, where Adam showed off his Tom Cruise skills to me one last time.

I don't know when I'll ever again be able to say that I have a friend who will do back flips down the street for me.

Jessex and Adam.

I don't what's more awesome: Jessex and Adam for doing this, or for me managing to capture it on the first take.

More handsprings and roundoffs down the street.

Adam was really impressed at how well Jessex's clutch matched his outfit.


"Jess Blog conquers the world!" Adam started yelling.

I'd have to agree.

We had gone to the Drake to see the Presets, but this painfully awful band was on before them. I'm including this picture because they were so crap, they deserve a crap picture. And because I just wanted to clarify that I don't love every group I ever see. I kept looking for redeemable qualities in the Silver Hearts, but there just weren't any. They were promising with their line-up of banjos, an upright bass, an accordian and a fiddle, but their eclectic choice of instruments was immediatly outweighed by lyrics like, "It's like a garbage can. . .it smells like welting flesh."

Hmmm. Funny, because that's how I felt about the Silver Hearts.

Luckily, the Presets rectified the situation by being fuckin' awesome.

As per usual, the company helped too.

Alice and Mark fondly tried to remember their beginnings at NXNE.

Diamond Dog for life!

Mark and Heather.

I originally took this picture of the crowd having an amazing time, and only now do I realize that I took a picture of some Vikings! How did I possibly miss them last night?

If anyone knows these guys, can you please get them to e-mail me? After all, there are still over 100 days left in the Year of the Rash.

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  1. CONGRATS SASHA!! Your dress (and model) are super HOT STUFF!! You rock my fashion world hunny!