Friday, September 29, 2006

Pumpkin pie vs. Camera: Dilemma

Tonight I went out to see Islands at the Opera House, with Sasha, Katrina and Alice, but I neglected to bring my camera with me. Naturally, a series of really humourous events occurred. Here's what I would have taken pictures of if I could have:

1) Alice eating pumpkin pie out of a tuppercare container in the middle of the crowded Opera House amongst the underage hipsters. (The pumpkin pie stuffed into my purse was actually the reason I didn't bring my camera. It was either spread the joy of the random baking I did last night, or else annoy everyone with my flash.) It was also pretty funny when Alice had her purse searched and she had to pull out the tupperware containing the pie and the fork I had brought for her to use.

2) A French guy kept hitting on us all night. This in itself is not funny. What is funny was his method on hitting on us- it involved telling us that we were like the girls from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. And then, in French, he proceeded to recite the entire script of the movie, relating the events which happen to the characters in the movie to us. Weird.

3) Alice ran into this guy:

Who apparently was like, "Do I know you from somewhere?" Alice restrained herself from kindly informing him for the third time, that yes, he knows her.

4) I ran into this guy:

Who kept staring at me all night. I thought he recognized me from last Thursday, so out of politeness I went up to talk to him. But before I could say a word, the alleged heterosexual gushed, "I love your earrings!"
"Yah, I know," I said, not surprised at his commentary on my earrings, which were hidden underneath my hair. Of course he would love them.
"Huh?" he asked. He didn't recognize me at all.
"We met last Thursday. You loved my scarf."

5) And then we realized that Alice's random guy, and my random guy were at the show together. We suspect they may be a couple, except they don't know they're a couple.

6) And then I ran into Mike, who was this guy in my first year history class who always used to borrow my textbook and my notes. I found out a year later that he owned his own textbook. Anyways, Mike was at the concert with Alice's random guy and my random guy. It turns out they are all friends, of course.

Overall, the show was really enjoyable. I have never seen such an energetic crowd at a show, probably because they were all underage, and the novelty of concerts isn't lost on them yet.

I wish I was underage again.


  1. Anonymous2:36 AM

    Sounds like Islands was good! too bad you wussed out on thursday night was grand, gay bars and drag missed out!


    ps. you need to do some baking for me!

  2. Anonymous4:11 PM

    has alice approved this talk of her "random guys".

    for future bloggings, would like to state for the record, i don't want that information on the blog about my personal life.

    thanks and appreciated.