Sunday, September 10, 2006

Primal Screams

It wasn't until I got out of the cab at the Madison for Adam's going-away party (with Katrina, New Roomate Yvonne, and Old Roomate Courtney in tow) that I realized I had uncharacterisitcally left the address for Charles and Brendan's housewarming party, which we were supposed to go to following the Madison, on my desk at home.

When Sasha found out, she wasn't impressed, since we had alcohol and pre-mixed drinks waiting for us at their house, which had been transported by Sarah and Sonja. I was distraught, because usually I'm incrediably prepared for social obligations- with complete address, contact information, directions, and sometimes even a little map readily prepared in my wallet. I knew I had to remedy the situation.

"Why don't you just call them?" Karen suggested. "I would, but I don't know their number," I said woefully, my own neglect weighing at my concious.

"Well, do you know anybody who is going to be there?" Karen asked, grappling for a logical solution. "Yah," I told her, "but all my friends are luddites. None of them have cell phones."

There was only one possible option- walk to the close by Brunswick to see if Pierre, Jake or Drew were still living there, in order to get the new address for Charles.

Katrina and I hoofed it down to Brunswick quickly, and these guys answered the door. By the look on their faces, it seemed as though they were happy to have won the "random hot girls ringing our doorbell lottery." Justin and John informed us that we no longer know anyone living at Brunswick, but were happy to help, and I finally got a hold of Andy who provided me with the address.

But the trip wasn't a complete waste of time. Sitting on their patio, on top of a pile of books, was this gem. Ever since I returned from Vanuatu and Australia, the stress has been building up, to which the only logical solution is a Primal Scream therapy session.

Realizing that this was in order, last week I had suggested to Scott a weekend away at his cottage where I would arrange and orchestrate the therapeutic screaming sessions. Okay, I admit that this was initially just an excuse for me to go to Scott's cottage, but after finding this book (and subsequently stuffing it into my bag) it's clear that the Gods want us to go to the cottage. It's clearly a sign.

I plan on reading the book cover-to-cover and highlighting all the most important parts. I can't wait!

After we left the Madison, we made our way to Brendan and Charles' housewarming party. Their new place is amazing, as is our new roomate Yvonne. Since Brie is currently in Amsterdam, Yvonne is subletting from her for the fall term, and when Sasha leaves to London in the spring, Yvonne will be subletting from her. She's a new blog character that you'll grow to love and adore.

About Yvonne:
I met her at work, and after listening to talk about guys, I knew she'd fit perfectly into our household.
She's really tiny.
She listens to Spanish music constantly.
She just bought an entire orchard from the grocery store, and our shared fridge is going into convulsions from all the unfamiliar healthy food.
She is way cleaner than me, knocking me down to the third cleanest person in the house. Which also makes me the third dirtiest person in the house. I'm still not sure about I feel about this.

Court and Mat came out for the night, too.

Jordan, Charles and Brendan's third roomate.

The guys have wine grapes inexplicably growing in thick clumps off their patio.

Actually, it's not inexplicable, I was just too lazy to ask.

And then, Brendan and his brother started giving massages.

Maybe it's all that time the guy spends up in the bush tree-planting, but he's certainly honed his massage skills, although Sarah wasn't too interested in the head massage.

Sonja and Danny watched in amusement as the massages progressed.

"This is not sexual!" Sarah kept insisting.

Even after they moved inside, she kept trying to tell me, "There's nothing sexual about this, you know."

Are you sure about that Sarah?

I'm considering inviting Brendan as a guest speaker/educator at the Primal Scream therapy weekend. I have my sneaking suspicions he could illicit screams of another nature.

All I know is that if these are the kind of skills tree planters are developing in the wilderness all year long, I want to know where to sign up. After all, it's common knowledge that beards are more prevelant amongst tree planters.

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