Tuesday, September 19, 2006

No compassion here.

I thought maybe this was left for me.

And then I remembered that I have a terrible laugh. Sort of like a donkey braying, or a full-out cackle at times. No one would want to listen to that for hours, let alone days. I pity the poor sucker who would ever wish that upon himself.

And then I also remembered that there are probably roughly 57.3 Jessicas per square kilometer in downtown Toronto.*

Jessica's are such sluts. Don't believe me? Well, seriously, who doesn't know someone who has dated or slept with a Jess?

Point proved, case closed.

*According to Baby Name Wizard (which is this very cool interactive site- I hate that "baby" has to be in the title of the site's name, because it kind of ruins it for me), Jessica was the most popular girls name in North America for two entire decades running!

Amandas think they feel my pain, but they were only the third most popular name in the 1980s and the sixth most popular name in the 1990s. Ashleys might try to commiserate with me but they were only fourth in the 1980s and second in the 1990s. Jennifer is the only other one who might understand, being the most popular name in the 1970s and the second most popular name in the 1980s.

Only Mikes can possibly trump how I'm feeling right now, being the most popular boys name for four straight decades running, from the 1960s, straight through to the 1990s.


  1. case closed?? no, i don't fucking think so. but i don't blame you for thinking it, cause it is hard to see the light when your head is that far up your ass.

    for example, if you have such a terrible laugh, then why am i always throwing copious amounts of cheesy jokes at you?? yeah, exactly.

    and someone once told me a myth about this one certain square kilometer somewhere in cabbagetown that only has one Jessica. or at least only one worth knowing. holy shit, come to think of it......

    and as for the 'Jessica's are sluts' thing, you know we've been through this, and you know full well that i could point the way to one in particular that would make a 'regular' slut look like a virgin with a halo. and then there's one that couldn't be associated with that name even if it was tattooed across her forehead in neon pink. and i'll let you figure out which one you are, you're a smart cookie.

    so don't ever go there again.


  2. Here's another great resource where you can check out name meanings and origins: allthebabynames.com