Friday, September 22, 2006

Love Fest for Everyone, but Us.*

Last Saturday, I ended up in Hamilton at the Ticats vs. Eskimos game. This picture is to serve as proof that I do stuff other than go drinking and dancing. It's also to serve as commentary that Hamilton is living proof that mass populations of people shouldn't reside so close to smokestacks, because it will fuck up your gene pool. (The game reminded me of the summer I spent working beside the Alberta EI desk. Except with less unicorn tattoos.)

I was feeling insanely stressed yesterday (the multiple jobs, school, intership opportunities and the burden of being overwhelmingly popular are starting to catch up with me), so Katrina took me out for a walk, and cheered me up.

Afterward, I headed over to Craig's House (well, Alice's house, but if you know anything about the situation, it really is Craig's house) for pre-drinking before headed out to MTV's LoveFest at the Mod Club. While we were putting our shoes everyone suddenly became very concerned, since I had yet to take a single picture all night.

"Jess, where's your camera?!"

"My camera is in. . ." Before I could continue trying to justify my behaviour and reassure the masses that my camera was, in fact, securely in my bag, ready for action, Jessex came down the stairs and interrupted, "WHAT?! Blog didn't bring her camera?!"

Suddenly, there was a mad scramble of people offering to lend me cameras, trying to resolve the imminent fictional crisis.

The appearance of my camera instantly soothed everyone's nerves.

Junior participated in his first "cab shot."

Jonny, Court and I.

And it was just another typical night for us.

The Thursday night drinking team in action!

I got lost for a while, and wandered around for myself before I finally found everyone again.

They had started up their own little dance party on the balcony area.

I met Jeff for the first time last night. I like Jeff, because he's so good for my already inflated ego.

"You're Blog! We love you! You're world famous!" he said, and then he made the statement of his adoration ten times stronger, "We love the blog!" (That's blog with a little "b" not a big "B"). In accordance with this, I also now love Jeff.

[Whoa....I'm going to go to present tense right now. I'm actually in Ottawa right now at Monique's house, and Melissa just showed up. Alice is here too, and we're having a dorky computer party, drinking wine, and have the laptops out. So this blog entry might get a little disjointed. Also, that was like a little sneak preview. Who knows what will happen next?!]

I thought for a moment about what Jeff had just told me, watched the crowd and my friends for a while, and turned back to him. "When life is this good, you have to document it," I said, completely high on life. (Or something.)

I also have a platonic crush on Chris.

Franco and Jessex.

I think Alice looks hot in this picture.

Pure sexual tension. Brilliant.

Court, this is the reason I said no when you asked me if I wanted to go on stage.

Last night, an inordinately high amount of guys hit on me. As I was explaining to Jessex the other night, guys never hit on me in Toronto. But last night it was out of control. One guy hit on me by saying, "You could have chosen 1007 different hair colours, but you chose the perfect one. The way that the lights shine off of it is brilliant."

Boys, please note that this is not a good pick-up line. The ability to dye my hair is not something I should be complimented on.

This picture is to conteract recent accusations that I only put attractive pictures of myself on the blog.

I love going out to dance with Courtney, because with the power of the socks combined, we're like some sort of magnetic life force that causes guys to form a circle around us, giving us as much room to dance even on the most crowded dance floor. (Well, either it's a magnetic life force, or maybe it's just the flailing. One of the above.)

Junior, once again, I have to apologize for repeatedly stomping on you. [Junior, in true action figure character, maintained his stance throughout the night.]

I'm not too sure who this guy was, but he was taking last night's party-esque pictures all night. And attracted to the magnetic life force (and/or flailing) his camera was on Jonny, Court and I for a large portion of the evening. If anyone knows who this guy is, or where the pictures of last night are, I'd really like to see them.

The appearance of this guy have us a major run for our money, though.

His balloon dancing was a little out of control, so Court and I had to pull it up a notch.

Which led to the boy in the plaid shirt (who I developped a non-platonic crush on throughout the evening, mainly because he spent most of the night staring at me, and I tend to like anyone who likes me) coming up to me and saying genuinely, "You can tell that your friends really love life. They look like they're having the time of their lives."

"I'm having the time of my life," I told him.

Instead of trying to compete with the balloon guy for dance floor space, Court and some others decided instead just to learn from him.

Pure sexual tension. Brilliant.

This guy came up to me, and complimented me on my scarf. Every time I've worn this scarf out in the past month, and gay boy has complimented me on the scarf, and this guy was obviously just following in suit. He and his friend also gave a full-up description of how much they liked my outfit using metaphorical and literary references.

I was cool with my new friend, until he started grabbing my ass, and hitting on me.

The gay guy didn't know he was gay! Then today, I started thinking my gay-dar may have been slightly off-balance.** Perhaps he really was straight? Every part of my memory insisted he wasn't, but I reluctantly admitted to myself that I might have been wrong.

That is, until I showed Alice the pictures today on the bus. "Oh, I remember that guy!" she said, "He complimented me on my necklace!"

Gay-dar still in full working order.

Courtney was making friends, too.

Pure sexual tension. Brilliant.

"Junior," Alice said affectionately on the way home, "I think you're my only straight male friend."


*Us being Alice and I. To quote Alice, "Everyone loves us, but they don't love us."

**Just to clarify, my assumption that the guy was gay was based on a number of variables beyond his propensity to comment upon the awesome fashion taste of Alice and I.


  1. Ya know what, I just might be Alice's only straight male friend. Not sure if this is a good thing.

    Anyways mstrkrft was really good. And I'm glad I came out. However I think I am slowly starting to turn into an action figure.

    I just daydreamed about having a life sized action figure of me. GOTT would never be the same. Junior VS Junior. Intense eh?

  2. Anonymous4:00 AM

    Doh. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm in the wrong province. Either that, or I just need a different group of friends. 'Cuz your thursday night looks way better than my friday night was.

    Granted, staying home playing Balderdash is always amusing, but I could really go for a night out.

  3. Those are my girls!

    PS - there has been some male attention on this side of the ocean, but apparently Im "too short" for most of them . . . not that Im interested anyway.

    (These are things I can't write on my own blog cuz my Grandma reads it)

  4. Wait, WHAT? You're in OTTAWA??

    JESSICA, HIT ME UP! (this is Janel!)


    I'd really love to see you.

  5. Anonymous8:15 AM

    "This picture is to serve as proof that I do stuff other than go drinking and dancing." Followed by about 45 pictures of drinking and dancing. I love it.