Thursday, September 14, 2006

Jack Johnson's next single

I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to post this, and if the lovefest going on in my comments section below isn't the prime moment, I'm not too sure what is.

Thanks Ryan! Katrina and I both thoroughly enjoyed this. One question though: does this imply that we had it before?


  1. It kinda does. But then it might just show your support for banishing gonnorhea. Whatever, its positive and you two look quite pleased. katrina more so than you jess.

  2. so does this mean that you are going to make pins and pass them out at the clinics?

    cuz if so, i would be quite honoured to be the first to receive one. even if it means flying to toronto.

  3. yeah i'm with junior on this one... whether or not there WAS gonnorhea, the important thing is there is currently none.