Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fondling the Idea

Here's a truth: my hair is not actually red.

It's auburn.

Here's a confession: Some nights I would rather just stay at home, but I have this intense fear of missing out, stemming from an incident that occured when I was about 5. My entire extended family was at our cabin on the lake. All the kids were playing in the water, and the adults were sunbathing on the beach. The adults notoriously never went in the water. Even to this day, I think I've only seen my mom go in the lake about 3 times in my life. Anyways, I had to go to the bathroom, so I ran up to the cabin, making my mom promise me that I wouldn't miss anything while I was gone. She assured me that nothing could possibly occur out of the ordinary in the five minute window period that I would be gone. Satisfied with her response, I ran up to the cabin to use the makeshift toliet.

While I was sitting, I pulled aside the curtain and looked out the bathroom window that faced the lake. But no one was on the beach anymore. Instead, the entire family was engaged in a water fight! A group was on the paddle boat pretending to be pirates, and another group was on floating mattresses. There were water guns, and water buckets, and everyone was laughing and having a fantastic time. Even my mom was in the water, throwing her head back in laughter.

By the time I raced back down to the lake, the water fight had ended as quickly as it had begun. I burst into tears, while the adults lied and told me, "It really wasn't fun at all anyways."

To this day, I cannot refuse an invitation to go out. Because if I do, a giant water fight might erupt, and I'll miss out.

So after two straight days of work on very little sleep in a row, I headed over to Adam and Alice's for 80s Prom Night.

Adam was showing off his tap dancing skills.

I bet fucking Tom Cruise can't tap dance.

Maria enjoyed the performance.

Adam prematurely ripped off his jacket in a style reminiscent to the Hulk.

And Maria and Adam re-enacted all too familiar junior high school dance scenes.

Scott's parachute pants.

Afterwards Sarah met up with me, and we headed down College for Ashley's 23rd (?) birthday at Bistro 422.

Happy Birthday Ashley!

And then finally, we arrived at our final destination, "The Party Formerly Known as the September 11th Party," where Julia showed me pictures of the smoking elephant I met on Halloween last year.

Junior was there, too.

Alex and Julia.

Scotty has returned from Scotland.

No party at Mark's is complete without freestyle rapping.

"Whenever you're feeling bad about yourself you can just go look in the mirror," Mark explained. Brilliant!

This girl is the only girl in Toronto dating the only hot heterosexual male in Toronto. (A believable statement, especially if you're a Ryerson music and live right beside the Village.) Props to her!

Junior had actually never met Mark before.

The blogosphere was actually well-represented between Mikey, Scott, Junior, Mark, Lana, Calvin and probably a few others who I'm forgetting. It's slightly creepy when you start recognizing people before you actually meet them, and you suffer from this false sense of familiarity where you think you have already met. Or in my case, think you are already friends with that person.

I wonder if people feel that way when they meet me for the first time?


  1. I think I understand you more now.

  2. That's funny, because I'm really concerned as of late that I'm misrepresenting myself through the blog. Do I come off as shallow and one-dimensional? Maybe not to you, but what about to people who don't know me?

  3. I don't think anyone who knows you or not could ever call you one-dimensional or shallow. That would be completely ridiculous. I actually think your writing shows that you are multi-dimensional and quite a kind hearted person. I mean, you talk about beards a lot. but that is the only generalization I would come to. I know the feeling though about what people assume of you just through the blog. I so miss my blog right now, because I have so much to tell about this last week its retarded. You on the other hand master both quite nicely. Ok I am done. love much.

  4. By saying both, I meant having a busy life and a

  5. I think that what you'er interpreting as personal one-dimensional-ness as reflected in your blog, is really just the qualities focus, topical refinement and a consistent thematic thread and a well-defined narrative voice, all of which are excellent qualities in a blog.

    P.S. I'm really glad that I managed to keep my face out of all of your pictures. I'm like the dude behind the fence on Home Improvement.

  6. Anonymous12:50 AM

    who is that girl who is dating the hot heterosexual male? i think i saw her on a milk carton.

  7. The hot girl who is dating the token hot heterosexual male in Toronto is actually a fictional character. Or a liar and a fraud. (One of the above.)

    In the meantime, way to actually comment for once instead of lurking!

  8. The girl who is dating the token hot heterosexual male is a co-worker of mine named "Diana". This is possibly a real name, possibly a pseudonym stolen in a moment of desparation from a BBQ sauce bottle or a Greek Mythology textbook.

    But as far as I'm qualified to say, being a heterosexual male, she's telling the truth. Or at least she honestly thinks she is.

  9. Just for the record, Brie wasn't slotted into the "dating the token hot heterosexual male in Toronto" category because she's currently out of the country.

  10. Jess I don't think your showing one dimensionalness or how you were putting it. I think Mark is right. But then you have to realize that when you meet someone in reality then theres a contextualization of what this person has written. I knew of Mark and had some insight into him. But I didn't know Marko till I met him. See you must meet someone to really know them. The best and most sincere form of contact you can have with anyone is to have one on one face time with them.

    That being said, the whole blogsphere is just an extension of ourselves to relate whats going on when we can't have that one on one time. Its a personal letter to everyone, with pictures. People love letters and pictures. At least I do.

    This is getting long, so to cut it short, I can't wait to read what you guys post next and more importantly go play GOTT or do whatever next time we meet.

    This is why I love all my friends.


  11. Fuck, this is getting seriously too warm and fuzzy. I'll have to put an end to this soon. (And if you recall, the last time things got sappy around here, I was forced to post the story about my freaky-ass rash. . .so I don't think you'll want to push me in that direction>0

  12. freaky ass rash stories are always welcome jess. you know that.

  13. you had an ass rash?

  14. freaky-ass. hyphenated!
    No ass rash here. (See the STI post!)

  15. Sorry missed the hyphen!

  16. your camera had a little bit of a distaste for Calvin, didnt it?

  17. My camera loves you Calvin. We actually had a heart-to-heart when I got home the next day, and it wasn't too impressed with me for the lack of Calvin pictures. I told my camera I'd make it up next time. (I think he's still a little bitter though.)

  18. Im glad we are all aware of the fact that if I were to be in the country right now, I would be the only girl in Toronto dating the only hot heterosexual male in Toronto. But, until I get home, Diana can hold that spot for me! Thanks girl!! Im glad we are friends now.

  19. Anonymous10:01 PM

    thanks for coming out for my 23rd birthday, jess! we'll get togther for drinks soon. i enjoy your company.

    p.s. i've been a little behind in your blog readings. i'll be sure to catch up ;)