Monday, September 04, 2006

Conversations with my parents part 2

Things my mom said today:

1) "Last night, I was so proud of myself. I got out of the theatre, stretched out my hand, and flagged down a cab!"

2) "That's a huge squirrel!"

3) Upon seeing Japenese tour buses: "Why are there all these buses outside of City Hall? There must be something going on."

4) "My hotel must be right beside a fire station. I hear fire trucks going by every 10 minutes and they are keeping me awake at night."

5) "That street is so busy. It makes no sense why there are cars going by my hotel at all hours of the night. The traffic never seems to end." (My mom's hotel is on Richmond Street, and this is the long weekend.)

6) Upon seeing a police car, "Oh, what's going on there!?" We were standing at the corner of Jarvis and Gerrard. Normally I wouldn't bat an eye in this particular location. (Sorry Junior, but your corner is crap.) Upon seeing parking officers in uniform, "Oh, there must be something going on there!" (My mom then proceeds to watch the situation for a good two minutes in the middle of the sidewalk until she's satisfied that she's seen all she has to see.)

Did I really used to be this small-town, too?

(Please don't answer that.)


  1. I used to be in a MUCH smaller town than you Jess. And yes you did come from a small town. My corner is kinda crappy, and unfortunately I cannot eat Harvey's food anymore. So the allure of Hooker Harvey's is now gone. But we do have high foot traffic for hookers.

  2. You come from a much smaller town than me, but you drive no less than an hour and you're in a city.

    In Cold Lake, you have to drive three to four hours to hit any semblance of a city. Size isn't the key factor- isolation is.

    That's the difference.