Saturday, August 26, 2006

Nostradamus couldn't predict what's coming next

It's Saturday night in Sydney, and I've just had a very disturbing realization*; I haven't taken a single, narcissistic, masturbatory, worthy of using on myspace style self-portrait picture for nearly three fucking months.

Oh, but don't you worry. This situation will be rectified. In two days, I'll be home, and my digital camera will be waiting for me.

* Here's an even more disturbing realization: it's my last night in Australia that I can justifiably go out to the bar, and I'm sitting in an Internet cafe, lamenting the fact that I haven't been lolling around on the floor of my room in Toronto with my self-timer function on. I'm not entirely sure I have my priorities straight.

Also, I have determined that I'm attracted to men who look like they could be pirates.


  1. Hi Jess,

    I am hoping to come visit you in september or october sometime. I want to in september but that might be overeaching since I just got back from pei a couple weeks ago. Maybe when monique goes so we can share busfare. bler. miss you.

  2. I leave Toronto the same day you get back. Maybe we will meet at the airport?

  3. Melissa, I am in, we will pick a weekend soon! But yeah, that you are coming to Ottawa soon jess. I actually know my way around now! We should aslo go to Montreal. And this pirate thing, it doesn't sound like new news whatsoever.

  4. Yaarrr!!! Here' to sexy sexy pirates!