Wednesday, June 07, 2006


I forgot the written list at work, so I'll have to add to this tomorrow, but here goes (as per requested/suggested by Mark):

walking over subway grates
shoes that click in empty hallways
the smell of skunk/coconut (although not combined)
The Princess Theatre
Desolation Sound
Capture the Flag/Flashlight Tag/Hide and Go Seek
third dates
popping blisters/squeezing blemishes/plucking hairs
unexpected mail
stolen words and catchphrases
diving off the side of boats
singing in the truck with my Dad
sunroom family night reading sessions
new favourite songs
album liner notes
making lists
affectionate nicknames
open road and a full tank of gas
laying on the roof topless
hip flasks
eating out/take-out food


In other non-pleasurable news, I set up a myspace account. However, I've been too lazy to a) write anything about myself (ironic, I know. . . or is that ironic? Like Melissa, Alanis also has me confused) and b) add friends. If you want to add me, it's

Then again, chances are, I'll delete the account by tomorrow.

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