Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Malaria, Hockey and Beard Bluffs

I finally got my camera back on Friday. I was going to celebrate by taking pictures of myself on the bus to London, but I made friends instead.

There was some guy in a business suit sitting directly behind me.

"I think parasites trump diseases," I told him, pretty much out of nowhere, "I think they are much more interesting. I think I'd prefer to get a parasite over having malaria. Then again, at least malaria is an interesting disease. I mean, when you get pneumonia, does anyone really care? But malaria's sort of like rabies- it's a disease you can brag about!"

The guy in the business suit raised an eyebrow at me, not sure whether to laugh or change seats under the pretense of having uncontrollable flatulence. The guy sitting across the aisle from us didn't hold back though, and started cracking up.

We became fast friends.

Then Courtney took me for Dairy Queen, which was delicious.

Last night, after training for my NXNE job, I went to watch to Mick E. Fynn's with an Australian-Chilean. . .

. . .and a Columbian raised in Mexico to sit in front of the Maple Leaf Gardens and watch the Edmonton Oilers play Game 1.

I felt hilarious, especially when I was the only one on the patio cheering when the Oilers were winning 3-1. (I felt even more hilarious explaining to Alice who Don Cherry is.)

And then, we lost. I was upset.

David, on the other hand, didn't seem to care.

And Alice was too busy working out her drug deals to be upset.

Nando wasn't doing too well in proving to us that he doesn't secretly belong to the mafia.

And I have absolutely no caption for this, except that it is the only half-decent picture Alice and I have ever taken together ever since the Mstrkrft stamp-licking night.

This, however, is easily my new favourite picture ever.

Nando also threatened to shave off his beard. I think he's bluffing.

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  1. bluffing, huh?

    jess, all i can say is, don't say i didn't warn you.....