Thursday, June 01, 2006

I promise I'll be better.

The truth is, I shut off my internal monologue ever since I haven't had a camera.

Maybe that's why I haven't blogged.

Alice suggested that maybe it would be my new "thing."

As in: "Y'know Jess, this could be a new thing for you. Not taking pictures. Actually living life instead of viewing it through the lens of a camera?"

I think Alice had a point. However, I usually don't view life through the lens of a camera, since my camera is usually at arms length directed at myself.

Anyways, that's why I haven't blogged.

Stuff happened. Court, Melissa and Monique all visited. (Which was lovely.) We went to see Douglas Coupland speak. Monique cooked tons of delicious meals. I went to the Found Magazine reading to see Davy Rothbert with Alice. We went out for my birthday, and I wore my red dress. (Thanks to everyone who came out. It was the best birthday I've had in ages.) We went to Canada's Wonderland. (Also fun and worth the sunburn.) Melissa and I got drunk on a Wednesday night. (Check out her blog for more pictures.)

But really, I was too busy enjoying myself to stop and write down key phrases I should write on the blog.

So, can you all please stop harassing me to update the blog?

Because I'd really like to log in to msn without feeling guilty.

Hmm, perhaps this all sounds a little sour.

Don't worry. Two weeks and $150 later, I should have my camera back tomorrow.

And basically, it's flattering to all of you. I was too busy enjoying your company to worry about how I was going to narrate and capture the moments in an interesting, witty and concise manner.

It was kind of nice to just shut off for a while.

Okay, and I read some books in between, too.

I promise I'll be better. Tomorrow, life resumes as per normal.


  1. jess, this was quite an interesting post, to say the least. you even managed to shed some light on some personal issues of my own that ive been battling recently with some of your words.

    but i don't like the apologetic tone you seem to have adopted. if you think you have anything to be sorry about, especially for a lack of a few written words and pictures recently, you're fucking nuts.
    so you can go ahead and promise to be "better". but i sure as hell am not playing scrabble and drinking beer up on the roof with this "better" jess.

    but if you happen to bump into the jess that i know, tell her i'm up for it anytime.

    she's long overdue for a serious ass-kicking in scrabble, and they say that the third time's a charm.....

  2. Well, I already am better. . . better in the sense that I'm quite obviously better than you at Scrabble! [insert maniacal laughter here]. Oh, I'm hilarious!