Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Things I Really Hate: A List You've All Heard Before

Things I Really Hate: The Revised (yet still incomplete) Official List*

1. stand-up comedians, specifically those on television and the comedy network
2. paddle boats
3. cold sandwiches
4. snorkelling
5. tuna
6. leather seats in cars/leather couches
7. the LCBO
8. celery
9. pennies
10. MySpace
11. Dr. Phil
12. emoticons

* In order for an item or activity to be included on this very exclusive list, they must be something that is debatably hateable. For example, Hitler doesn't make the list, because most people hate the guy. Or, for instance, I'm also not a huge fan of STDs, but again, they don't make the list because genital herpes never has been a very popular kid on the block.


  1. Snorkelling??? Are you insane?

  2. i agree snorkelling sucks. also celery as i am allergic to it. and pennies too. australia doesn't have them so im sure you will enjoy that.

  3. Haha this reminds me of the people I want to kill list.

  4. I still stand by that snorkelling shouldn't be on the list. But I can see points and probably agree with everything else on the list. Just not snorkelling.

    Snorkelling kicks ass.

  5. I hate snorkelling. (Oh, wait, sorry, I guess I was being redundant there.)
    It's so pointless. Why not just stick your head under the water and hold your breath?

  6. whats wrong with the lcbo?

    when are you leaving for lesoto?

  7. The LCBO is a seperate rant altogether. I have no problem with what it sells, I just have a problem with the institution. Maybe I'll write a seperate post about it.

    I leave for the South Pacific on June 15th.

  8. The point is that you can't hold your breath for extended periods of time.

    Second you can dive down, come back up and dont have to miss the view of the sea life below.

    Unless its a shark wanting lunch.

    But snorkelling is fun. I enjoy it.

  9. Pennies are money too! Why does everyone hate pennies so much? If you don't want you pennies, I will take them. Then will save them until I have enough to buy you dinner. I will take you out, it will be romantic, and then I will leave 5000 pennies on the table (our dinner will cost $50 because we will have fancy drinks too).

  10. Also, I think captain oats is lying about being allergic to celery. That's like saying you're allergic to water. And I think Jess hates snorkelling because people do it to look at fish, and she hates fish—even though some are really pretty and colourful and have funny fins and feel weird and slimy when they rub against you, but weird and slimy in a good way.

    I can't think of anything that I hate right now. This worries me.

  11. Chloe,
    You hate pirates. And apparently robots now, too.
    Are you going to hate penguins next? You seem to hate all things that are remotely trendy animals/characters?

    Also, I love romantic dinners. But only with you.

  12. Penguins! No! They are my secret love, a love that turned to respect when I watched March of the Penguins and saw how hard they worked just to survive. And the evil seals! (Formerly my favorite animal, I used to have a collection of seal figurines. And by used to have, I mean they are in my closet somewhere).

    It's not the pirates I hate, it's their symbol: the skull and cross bones, or Jolly Roger, though there's nothing jolly about dirty old bones.

    In conclusion, the list of things I hate:

    1) Robots
    2) Skulls (I think they are ugly, not trendy)