Sunday, May 28, 2006

I want to be on Whyte Ave right now.

Monique is sitting on my bed right now. "I want to read Jess' first hockey blog post ever," she said.

Which is why I am writing this.

(However, this is actually my second hockey blog post ever. Let's not forget the memorable day when Monique and I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame, and wanted to have our picture taken in front of the Oilers display, but they didn't have an Oilers display, despite the fact that the Oilers won the cup in 1984, 1985, 1987, 1988 and 1990. . .so we decided to create our own "Oilers display" in the gift shop, much to the amusement of the on-looking crowd. And by "crowd", what I actually mean is "a couple of guys who were laughing at us.")

Recap of watching the Oilers game tonight:

- I asked a lot of questions, because I'm a hockey fan, not a hockey follower.* Unlike some enlongated explanation guys have tried to give me in the past about the way the series play-offs work, Mon explained it all so that I understood in five sentences or less. There is now so much more clarity in my life.

-Monique cried when we won. I was happy. Sasha was even happy. We were proud.

-And then we debated creating a mini-old school Oilers jersey for the kitten.

Monique just said, "I think when you and I touched the Stanley Cup, we brought amazing luck."

I have to concur with Monique's logic on this matter. Two northern Alberta girls both randomly move to Ontario, stroke the cup, and the Oilers make the Finals for the first time in 16 years?

Coincidence? I think not.

And on a closing note: I'm a big fan of the play-off beards. (Best. Superstition. Ever.)

*My hockey-watching habits are much to my mother's disdain; she does not encourage me to watch sports, particularly hockey, under any circumstances. Questions were necessary because I did not grow up in a hockey household, and have never even seen my Dad even watch more than 2 minutes of a hockey game at a time. It is somewhat embarassing, because at this point in my life, it seems as though the way the playoffs work should be knowledge that is just innately ingrained into my brain, upon being born in Canada. Sort of like Canada's Wonderland. (Which, by the way, no one outside of Ontario knows about. Just so you all know. it's not "Canada's" Wonderland. It's actually "Ontario's" Wonderland.)


  1. yay for edmonton. there is no way we can't win. i wish you girls were her to celebrate it.

  2. It's technically lucky, I guess, but to be fair, you're not really supposed to touch the Cup unless you've actually, you know, won it. I mean, it's not bad luck for your team or anything, it's just that, well--I don't know, it's something to be earned. Or I always thought so.

    Also, I don't e-mail you anymore because I've forgotten your e-mail address, and it's not in my address book anymore. To be fair, though, you don't e-mail me, either.

    Perhaps you should e-mail me, and we can keep this train a-rolling, or something.

  3. You took my address out of your address book? Wow. That's doesn't exactly give me motivation to e-mail you. Furthermore, my address is on your msn! You're a liar and a fraud!

  4. Oh, you're right. I have no excuse.

    But having said that, I didn't take your address out of my book--my hard drive broke in April and I lost all the info in my address book. I don't use MSN much, so I forgot about that. Whatever, I'll e-mail you right now.

  5. Anonymous5:25 AM

    I know what Canada's Wonderland is, I have even been there and yet I'm not from Ontario or even from Canada. But that is only cause I'm special... :)

  6. Whyte Avenue during playoff games is a scar on the face of Edmonton. Actually, Edmonton is probably a scar in itself, but I fear it will crack under all the party weight or burn down from one of the celebratory street fires.

    I only when to Whyte after one game: when Edmonton tied the up the series with San Jose 2-2. It was a disgusting display of drunken beligerence. Having said that, I wish you were here so we could head down to Whyte during games and question hardcore fans about simple hockey rules during the game. We'll drink cocktails, not beer, just to be different. (And you know I like both hockey and beer).

    After annoying the real fans, we'll play "spot the faux fan" post-game by questioning drunken degenerates on the street about hockey knowlegde, thus revealing that they really know nothing about hockey but were just looking for an excuse to break something in a crowd. It would be especially rewarding to uncover fake female fans who skanked it up for the game just to make the blue mile. Also, there's a campaign to rename it the copper mile.

    In conclusion, it's not the team I hate, it's their fans.