Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Birthday Jess!!

I hijacked your blog to wish you a happy birthday! Hope you had a great day!


  1. Hahaha! Yes!
    Thanks Ryan! Although I'm not too sure what a power plug has to do with it.

  2. Wait wait wait! It's a blue popsicle? We're confused here. ("We" being Monique, Court and I. We are currently debating the image.)

  3. no its a plug. its cuz you are so damn electric! its shocking really!

  4. lol! Yes! (Also, Court says, "He's so cute."

  5. tell court she can name him!

  6. She was actually talking about you.

  7. oh well then. im a little red in the face right now. i think one day i will make a trip to the house of china. they are likely my biggest fans. and tell court she is the happiest, funnest girl i have ever met. and since were throwing cutes around i will toss her one as well.

  8. I feel a little left out, but just a little.


  9. Happy Birthday Jess!

  10. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Ummm, is Ryan trying to show up my birthday poster with this super cute blue plug birthday poster?? May I remind eveyone I spent 6 hours working on that . . .all out of love mind you, AND politely ignored Andrews critiscism and Jess referring to me as a photoshop bitch, which Im not . . . yet. (Although I did appreciate the crit since I am still learning) So if Ryan is truely trying to show me up here, all I have to say is (insert camp counselor voice here) BOO to you!! AND I better be added to the "cute girl" list which has apparently been formed without mention of my name which is just unheard of.

    That is all. Happy Birthday Jess!!

  11. um brie. of course you are on the cute girl list. actually. no offense to the others but you were the first one on it. i have thought you were the cutest from the start. but being that you have a boyfriend. you can only attain a certain cute status. (my next blog will be about cuteness levels) so with that being said.
    here are the list of cute girls thus far.


    i will try to come up with justifications for my ordering. until then just know that i think you are all cute. for different reasons.

  12. Ryan,
    I think you are digging yourself into a hole here. I mean, c'mon? Ordering girls in order of cuteness?
    I really don't think you were thinking when you wrote that. The "for different reasons" seems to be an afterthought, although it could also be completely plausible.
    It's a deep hole you are digging...a hole devoid of cute girls. ;)

  13. haha oh jess! " your so damn electric, shocking really" deserves some serious credit. Its so catchy Ry!

    I am happy that I made the list :)

  14. Oh, so it's "Ry" now, hey Monique? (She's trying to solidy her place on the top of the cute girls list, by trying to make you feel better.)

  15. ok here it is while drunk from the rainmaker rodeo. i clearly shouldn't be writing right now as im hammered but oh well.

    monique. cute for the fact that she loves to cook, can make chili, and can throw a football. and she will teach teach me how to dice a tomato.

    jess. cute for the fact that she is so original, so random, so out there that she makes most girls look like cookie cut outs. and the fact that she will spoon with even me.

    court. although i dont know court that well cute for the fact that she is the happiest funnest drunk i have ever met. there is no way that you could have a bad time with this girl. and for that it makes you cute. as well your pj's were quite cute.

    brie. the original cute girl. cute for simply being cute. blonde short, but severly cool and cute. and related to the coolest game ever.

  16. happy belated birthday

    your blog is awesome