Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Birthday Celebrations Started A Little Early

The point in the night when I knew things were going downhill, happened at the precise moment when Melissa stood up, and accused a guy with dreadlocks and a bandanna, "You don't even know the difference between analog and digital, DO YOU?!"

Or maybe it was when Melissa said, "I'm famous," and I said, "I'm an International Blogging Sensation," and neither of us were saying it in an ironic tone.

Or maybe it was when we asked a TV news crew guy if we could, "hang out in his van and play with his knobs."

No, no, no. It was way earlier than that, actually. It had to have been when Melissa said, "Come hither," loudly and suggestively to a guy across a patio, more than three tables away.

We made lots of new friends last night.

Either way, the first order of my birthday today was curling up under a cubby at work, in the fetal position, on the floor, and taking a nap.

And in case you missed the memo: 751 Queen St. W. 11 PM.


  1. hahahha
    happy birthday

  2. happy birthday jess!

  3. I hope you had a good birthday jess! I really need to get out of here...