Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Week in Review

On Sunday, Katrina got Charles, Sonja, Sasha and I to walk up to the Danforth to celebrate Greek Independance Day with her.

She convinced us that there was going to be a parade.

The parade itself consisted of people walking, some of whom were in costume and some who were waving flags.

And not much else.

The walking people carrying flags went on for at least an hour (and we showed up late!) and we came to the conclusion that every Greek person in Toronto (minus Katrina) had to be walking in the parade.

Oh, except word on the street is that this guy liberated Greece. Or something.

Ignoring the ongoing stream of walking people holding flags, we decided to seek out souvlaki. Except currently Katrina's not eating meat for lent, Charles and I are vegetarian, and Sonja decided to abstain.

I was jealous watching Sasha suck back the meat until we found a Greek bakery that had some fantastic spanakopita.

On Wednesday night, Nando and I went to controller.controller. Their opening band sounded sort of like We Are Wolves, but wasn't quite so easy on the eyes.

Last night, Katrina, Alice, Chloe and I met up with with some of the Brunswick boys at Labrynth for an Urban Planning party and martinis.

And Katrina tried to convince us that she was dressed like a lesbian.


  1. A bi-pedal beaver with boy-like hair in a blue pant-suit hoisting a phallac in the air? What's so lesbian about that?

  2. Unrelated to greek parades, souvlaki, and lesbians, Jess will you help me write my resume when you come down to visit me for Easter. I will pay you in mini eggs
    Love much

  3. Mon,
    Of course I will help you, but you'll have to remind me to bring down my "resources." (Yes, I'm a dork. But whatever.)