Saturday, April 22, 2006

Things I Hate #1

Celery is a pointless vegetable. It has next to no nutritional value, is tasteless (and the little taste it has isn't pleasing), it's difficult to eat, and likely to get stuck in your teeth. The only thing celery has going for it is a unique shape allowing for peanut butter or cheese whiz to be spread in its crevice, but this hardly makes up for its other overly glaring flaws.

And that's how I feel about celery.


  1. Celery is like water but you get to chew it, which is good if you are in the mood for gnawing and are also thirsty. Plus it has flavour, but a subtle flavour, that can freshen a dry mouth. It also wobbles funny. Celery is neat, and no more pointless a vegetable than lettuce.

  2. Oh hell no. Lettuce makes a hamburger, celery does nothing. I've always had an ongoing war with celery. I'm with you 100% on this one Jess...

  3. Celery is good for fifth grade science experiments about diffusion involving food colouring, and as garnishes in drinks.
    If you are in the mood for gnawing, you can eat toffee.

  4. Yea, and kids in grade 5 probably got a higher mark than I did on that same experiment, only difference being I did it in second-year Chemistry at Macewan (Edm)...